Pricing for Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Chicago

Have you seen industrial window cleaning companies which display their prices directly on their website? Unfortunately, this practice is a red flag.

We’re able to charge less for higher quality services because of our low overhead costs. Here are just some of the methods we use to keep your expenses down:

  • Our largest expense is safety equipment — as a result, our company has never experienced a work site accident.
  • Due to our accident-free record, our liability insurance costs are very low.
  • Our window cleaners keep vehicles and equipment at home, so they’re ready to go if you need emergency services.
  • Because our work site is your building, we don’t need to rent a large office space.
  • We provide window cleaning services throughout a large geographic area, so our small pricing adds up.
  • We don’t pay for advertising because our clients generally find out about our business through word-of-mouth referrals. We pass these marketing savings on to you.
  • Our window washers are all very experienced in the industry, so our on boarding and training costs are minimal.
  • We own all of our equipment, so unlike other window cleaning firms, we don’t have to waste money leasing equipment.
  • We use high mileage vehicles, which keeps our transportation costs low.

Contact us today and we will have an estimator visit your facility to produce a professional quote, which we guarantee will amount to less than what you’re currently paying.


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