Campus Window Cleaning

Clean windows are an important part of campus maintenance and are something best taken care of during summer vacation when school is out of session and the amount of people using academic buildings and dormitories are greatly reduced. Despite the overall positive impression a well maintained building presents, the state of windows can directly affect a student’s performance. Clean windows allow light to pass through keeping students in a good mood by alleviating depression as well as creating a warm, positive environment. Dirty windows can be distracting and many find working in a dirty, unkempt atmosphere next to impossible. Maintaining windows also affects the life of the glass itself. Overtime glass is permeated by salt, acid rain, and hard minerals. Washing windows, even just once or twice a year, can help extend the life of the glass. Simply put it’s an issue where prevention is cheaper than a cure. Window cleaning is definitely a task best handled by professionals like those at Innovative Window Cleaning. Not only will professionals be able to safely clean glass, removing hard water stains that may have built up, they also physically inspect windows as they work to check for loose screens, cracks, or breakdown of window mechanics. Keeping clean windows is more important than often realized. Putting it off can be dangerous while simply maintaining glass can extend its life as well as keep students happy and productive. Don’t let windows get so dirty that you forget what’s on the other side. Go on, let some sunlight in.