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The Basics of Building Maintenance Whether you are a new property manager, aspire to become a Chief Operations Officer, or simply enjoy cross training in new areas of business, you may be interested in learning the basics of maintaining and inspecting an office building. Although many areas of building maintenance should be handled by certified professionals, we believe every business leader should have a general idea of the upkeep checklist of a commercial building. Here are the primary elements which maintenance staff should regularly inspect and manage: Basic health and safety standards Although OSHA provides a list of thousands of laws and best practices your office should follow to ensure a healthy workplace, most employees do not need to become familiar with all of them. However, there are some obvious areas you should check whenever you walk around or through your building. Clear pathways — Does equipment, furniture, boxes, or clutter block the walkways in and around your building? Are there any other tripping hazards, such as uneven surfaces which are not properly marked? Adequate lighting — Are all areas in and around the building well lit, or will employees experience eye strain by the end of the day due to dim lighting? If employees leave during a rainstorm or after the sun has started setting, are there enough lights available in the parking area? Air quality — Are air filters changed when needed? Are any hazardous materials stored safely so employees will not breathe in fumes? Structural gaps and cracks — Does the parking lot […]

Commercial Window Cleaning Equipment 101

Many of our new clients have questions about how we are actually going to clean their windows, especially if they’re located in a traffic-congested area of downtown or have a building surrounded by trees. Every facility is unique, so we employ several different window cleaning methods to make sure our employees (and your property!) stay safe while delivering a high quality clean. Here are some of the most common tools we use to keep your glass squeaky clean: Water Fed Poles These innovative poles feed purified water from a supply (like our vehicle or a backpack) through a lightweight pole to powerfully spray and wash your windows. No squeegees or chemicals are required with this tool, and it can reach high enough to clean glass on the sixth or seventh floor of your building. Sometimes clients ask how we can get a streak-free clean this way, since windows are left to air dry, but our clean water doesn’t contain the impurities that creates the streaky look. The pure water acts like a magnet to dirt already on the window, grabbing and holding it until it flows down to the ground. Secure Ladders Our leaning ladders securely grip the ground with non-skid rubber feet and can adjust to the height of each client’s office space with removable sections. The base section of each ladder flares apart slightly to offer even more stability. Our team members use these ladders to reach high-up windows inside rooms with extremely high ceilings, such as hotel lobbies or convention centers. The ladders […]

Professional Window Cleaning for Property Managers

Commercial window cleaning and hi-rise window cleaning can also help extend the life and beauty of your building. Our team of professional window cleaners work with property managers to build maintenance schedules that meet your needs and budget. We can structure a window cleaning quote as a capital improvement or operating expense, because we believe it can serve both purposes. Our clients include recognizable names in the Chicago area, but also small businesses. No matter the way, shape, or form, we want to work with Chicago’s reputable property managers. Our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is also very important to us. We offer references upon request. Let us be your window cleaning company: office window cleaners, hi-rise window cleaners and multi-story window cleaning company. So no matter how tall or how short your building is, Innovative Window Cleaning is clearly the right choice. And don’t forget that we at Innovative Window Cleaning specialize in all different types of commercial buildings. We can clean windows for multi-story office buildings, historic churches, large buildings in the City of Chicago including skyscrapers, and more. No job is too big for our expert staff.