4 people you need to impress at your hotel or resort

Maybe your resort offers first class customer service, dozens of amenities, and delicious food for your guests… Unfortunately, your guests will not have a chance to experience these benefits if your hotel does not land their booking. The cleanliness and sleek appearance of your facility will define the first impression of your visitors, and details such as dirty windows can drive away clients who may otherwise have been blown away by your services. These are just four people your hotel needs to impress to continue attracting new clients and repeat business: Brides Weddings offer a huge revenue opportunity for hotels and resorts, as every bride is searching for a beautiful venue which will set the perfect scene for all of her photos and memories. And when it comes time for the honeymoon, she is looking for a luxurious resort where she can relax with her new lifelong love. Windows serve many functions in wedding photos, not only as lighting sources, but also as decorative elements which can frame an image. Conference Planners Whether they are planning an educational conference for a particular industry or an annual corporate reunion, the organizers of these giant events are always on the lookout for impressive venues. Conferences offer multiple growing revenue streams not only from reservation fees, but also through catering and other add-on services. Due to the growth of this industry, hotels and resorts have become increasingly more competitive in their offerings and appearance to attract corporate event planners. High End Vacationers Chicago is one of the most exciting […]