4 reasons your residential complex needs a window cleaning service

Although many property managers and owners believe regular window cleaning is mainly needed for commercial properties, there are several reasons to hire a regular window cleaner for residential properties as well. Here are some of the most common reasons we are asked to professionally clean windows for HOA’s, apartment complexes, condominium buildings, and other residential facilities: You want your property to appeal to future tenants. Think about the last time you purchased or leased a home—what was the first thing you noticed about the property? Most of the time, curb appeal factors such as balanced landscaping and clean windows serve as a first indicator about how well the property manager has kept up with more important factors such as safe electrical wiring and plumbing concerns. When potential tenants first pull into your complex’s parking lot, you want them to be immediately impressed. A professional window cleaning service can ensure your windows remain bright, clear, and streak free at all times. You want each unit to look uniform and clean. In upscale neighborhoods governed by homeowners associations, you will find requirements dictating how tall the grass can grow, what features can be placed in the front yard, and what renovations can be made to the houses. Many apartment and condo complexes will even go so far as to require residents only hang up window curtains and drapes that are white on the back side. All of these restrictions are placed with the intention of keeping a look of uniformity and cleanliness to the complex. Why should the […]

3 Ways Windows Can Boost Employee Performance

3 ways windows can boost employee performance When you work in an industry which requires staff to work indoors all day, you may start to notice your employees trying to leave work earlier as Chicago’s weather finally starts to warm up. This becomes especially true for companies which need their team to stay behind computers and desks for hours at a time. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can make your workplace feel less constricting, just by taking advantage of windows! Here are three ways you can use windows to boost morale and productivity in your office space: #1: Make crowded space feel more open. Where do your employees tend to congregate and take up the most space in your building? Generally areas such as break rooms, lunch cafeterias, board and meeting rooms, and front lobbies attract a higher density of staff and clients than other areas of your office. Adding windows to the walls of these spaces can instantly make them feel larger and more airy. Windows can also make the occupants of these rooms feel like they have more elbow room and personal space. If you have a board room or break area which is located in the center of a building where you can’t add windows to the outside, consider adding windows which open them up to adjoining rooms. You can even use mirrors to create an illusion of more space if traditional windows aren’t appropriate. #2: Let the outdoors come in. During the spring, fall, and even cooler summer days, you may want […]

How to choose a maintenance or cleaning vendor

When you’re getting ready to hire a new maintenance or cleaning vendor, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of businesses you can choose from. Although the greater Chicagoland region offers local chapters of several professional associations of maintenance and cleaning vendors, their websites can be difficult to search for qualified contractors. Even the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s member directory contains over 1100 companies to browse through! Here are some tips for choosing your next facility management vendor: Look at vendors located in close proximity to your business. Although distance is not the most important factor in the search for a qualified contractor, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your HVAC repair person could make it out to your office in fifteen minutes if the air conditioning goes out? As simple as it may sound, performing a quick Google Maps search centered on your geographic region can prove an easy list to kick-start your vendor research. With Google Maps, you can even specify the minimum Google+ star rating you want to include in the search. Thoroughly search through reviews and testimonials. It’s important to keep in mind that reviews don’t share the full story of a company’s qualifications. One disgruntled former employee or hotheaded customer can tank a star rating with just a few keystrokes. However, a contractor who truly cares about forming long lasting relationships with their clients will shine in their reviews. Relationship minded vendors will also take the time to ask each of their clients to consider writing a testimonial story for […]

The Innovative Advantage – Chicago’s #1 Choice for Professional Window Cleaning

The Basics of Building Maintenance Whether you are a new property manager, aspire to become a Chief Operations Officer, or simply enjoy cross training in new areas of business, you may be interested in learning the basics of maintaining and inspecting an office building. Although many areas of building maintenance should be handled by certified professionals, we believe every business leader should have a general idea of the upkeep checklist of a commercial building. Here are the primary elements which maintenance staff should regularly inspect and manage: Basic health and safety standards Although OSHA provides a list of thousands of laws and best practices your office should follow to ensure a healthy workplace, most employees do not need to become familiar with all of them. However, there are some obvious areas you should check whenever you walk around or through your building. Clear pathways — Does equipment, furniture, boxes, or clutter block the walkways in and around your building? Are there any other tripping hazards, such as uneven surfaces which are not properly marked? Adequate lighting — Are all areas in and around the building well lit, or will employees experience eye strain by the end of the day due to dim lighting? If employees leave during a rainstorm or after the sun has started setting, are there enough lights available in the parking area? Air quality — Are air filters changed when needed? Are any hazardous materials stored safely so employees will not breathe in fumes? Structural gaps and cracks — Does the parking lot […]