Inner-City Window Cleaning and Safety Tips

In a big city like Chicago there are some areas that are not so safe. Many buildings have become parking lots. Many other buildings were long ago vacated and are tumbling down as well. Fortunately, some businesses are still going strong but may be relegated to those rough parts of the city. This unfortunate location lends itself to many troubles including client and customer safety, employee safety, and building maintenance issues. We can’t help you much with the safety of those you work with, your choice of saving money in a less glamorous part of town has its pros and cons. We can recommend a few safety measures for your building, however. Get insured. You never know in this city of Chicago when gunshots may ring out, spray paint may decorate your door, or other mishaps may happen. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s a reality. Be sure you’re covered for incidents such as these. Use security. Security cameras are dirt cheap nowadays and we recommend you set one up immediately facing all of your entrances and windows. Even if you just record each loop for 24 hours you will know each morning when coming in to work that everything is okay. We also recommend you get a security system. These also are more cost-effective than ever. They can monitor door and window entries. There are different types but typically once you enter your building and enter the proper code the alarm will deactivate. If someone who is not wanted enters, the alarm will go off after a minute, prompting the police to head to […]

Beware of what others can see through the windows

Have you had one of these experiences before: While walking outside to the office entrance, you see through an exposed window a meeting take place in a first floor conference room. You’re innocently walking around town and notice a competitor’s strategy map – in embarrassingly exposed detail – that is visible through a second floor window. One of your favorite coworkers is resigning – and you know this because you see him hand over a resignation letter to the boss through a conference room window. These are clearly events that were never meant to be seen by your employees, your competitors or even the general public. Even if you haven’t experienced one of these embarrassing events before, many have. While windows are important to offer employees with views of the world outside the building, you must be cautious of where these windows are located, and be always conscious that the outside world can see in (unless you install blinds!) No matter what can be seen through your windows, at least ensure that they are clean and tidy. Contact us today for more information on our professional window cleaning services.

“Dirty Jobs” Look at Hi-Rise Window Cleaning

Ever wonder what it’s like to clean windows on a modern hi-rise building? Mike Rowe, star of the hit Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs” did, and tried his hand at it. In the episode, Mike traveled to Hawaii and joined the crew of Worldwide Window Cleaning where he harnessed up and hops into a bosun’s chair to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu. This building has outward curves that make it an even tougher job. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Mike so scared in his life! Just starting out, Mike says, “How the heck do I get down there?” “You crawl over the edge,” answers the expert window cleaner. “C’mon!” is all Rowe can answer. It’s a scary thing, indeed! Prayer is offered and happily accepted. Rowe then gets a lesson on some proper window washing techniques in the video here, including angling of the squeegee and careful handling of the tools. There’s no margin for error for dropping tools of a hi-rise building! Here’s a 2-minute preview of the episode. Want to watch the full episode? Try NetFlix or Amazon.

“Curb Appeal” and that First Impression

We talked about choices and how that may affect your business in the last post. We have the choice to make an impression, whether good or bad. When it comes to our homes and our business we definitely want to make a good impression. Some things we can do to make our home a better sell is the “curb appeal”.  Same thing when it comes to our business. We work so hard building clientele and retaining them, especially in this day and age. Some things that we can do to meet these issues it to impress. We can impress with our personality number one. But number one besides that is how clean and updated our place of business is. Fresh paint, clean carpet and a de-cluttered space is what helps, but also the “curb appeal” or what people see from the outside is what may be your first impression. Innovative Window Cleaning is here to help you achieve that goal of a great first impression! Clean windows are part of that “curb appeal”. And not just any clean window, but a sparkling window that will wash away the dirt and grime that comes with this crazy Chicago weather. We will work with you to create a first impression that will last. Contact us or call us at 1-888-535-1440 to get a window cleaning package started for your business, apartment complex, high rise, church or school today!


Sometimes in life we have choices. Anything from what to eat for breakfast to what car you should buy. Sometimes we have to wait on things because they’re out of budget or the timing is just not right. And sometimes you may do something yourself because you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you. Sometimes that is an O.K. thing to do and other times it’s not. For example not paying a plumber for that leak…if you’ve never fixed that before that is probably something you should have a professional look at because it will cost you in the long run. If you own a commercial property, an apartment complex or manage a tall skyscraper in the city, you will want to make a wise choice when it comes to the cleaning of your windows. You may want to hold off because you are “stretching the bank” by paying someone to do that job. You may figure to buy a ladder and some bottles of window cleaner instead of hiring a professional window cleaning company to do the job. You will find that that will not work. You will find streaks and it will not last through this ever-changing Chicago weather. Hire Innovative Window Cleaning to do the job. We will work with your budget to assure 100% satisfaction of the cleanest windows in the city. Cleaner windows will impress your neighbors, clients and yourself. It may help boost your business as well. Invest in a cleaner environment this spring!

Window Washing Tools of the Trade

A lot of people like to try to do their own window washing, even commercial businesses. While we believe there’s some opportunity to do this successfully, we previously blogged about things to think about before venturing out on your own. Today we are going to talk about a few tools of the trade for those just starting out. If these tools don’t intimidate you and you can afford the up-front cost, we wish you the best and hope our tips here might help you out! First, there’s the washing solution. While we can’t give away our own formula and methods of application, we will say that there are industrial-strength solutions available that you should invest in. Not only will these materials keep up with harsh weather conditions but they will get your windows sparkling clean the first time and reduce the number of coatings you have to do. Further, the right solution combined with the right amounts of rinses will help clean off that multi-layered dirt and grime that you were trying to clean off in the first place. The second vital tool of the trade is of course the famous squeegee. These like any maintenance tools range from quick, cheap versions you can get at your local hardware store to industrial-strength versions with the wider applicator. Some of the models have replaceable applicators, while others do not. So if this is a long-term commitment for you, make sure to get the right squeegee. Next you have to consider those hard-to-reach windows. This might include multiple […]

Commercial Window Cleaning for Chicago

Every so often we want to make a clear statement about who we are what we do. We know with frequent blogging, companies can lose sight of the main purpose in their message. We like to have fun and write about related topics, but thought it would be a good time to re-introduce Innovative Window Cleaning and our services: Innovative Window Cleaning is a commercial window cleaning company covering all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We handle all types of commercial window cleaning for business and industry, including the following types of buildings: Office buildings Malls Strip malls Restaurants Large multi-family housing units Multi-story commercial buildings Industrial buildings Churches Schools Libraries Skyscrapers and hi-rise buildings Government and municipal buildings Sports venues and stadiums and many more We are insured, and offer a staff of experience window washers. We respect your time and property and always put the customer first. We offer one-time window cleanings or long-term maintenance plans for businesses. Fill out our contact form or call us today so we can set up a free, no obligation quote. We hope you decide to make Innovative Window Cleaning your source for Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago. About Us Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has been a strong leader in the commercial window cleaning industry and provides excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such as race tracks, event centers, venues, and arenas. Contact us for a free quote at 1-888-535-1440