Why your medical facility needs clean windows

Why your medical facility needs clean windows Medical facilities such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, outpatient practices, overnight and extended stay facilities, and even mental health offices often feature large windows which reach from the floor to ceiling. While your health facility probably institutes strict cleaning procedures for the inside of your building to promote patient health, you may be unintentionally neglecting the exterior side of your windows. Here are just a few reasons to pay attention to the cleanliness of the windows on the outside of your building: Patients will associate the cleanliness of all surfaces with their health and safety. Any built up dirt and grime on your windows will send a message to your visitors about the overall cleanliness and safety standards of your health center. Although particles stuck on the outside of your windows may not accurately represent your sanitation practices, this dirt contributes to the overall impression patients gather about your office. You need to be sure patients and visitors walk away from their appointment feeling confident that they will receive high quality services the next time they need to come back to your office. Dirty windows can further aggravate illness. If your windows are covered in pollen, mold, and other dirt which has built up over time, your windows may actually cause further irritation of your patients’ symptoms. Allergens could also cause new symptoms to appear, creating confusion about which symptoms are associated with the illness and which are allergic reactions. Health professionals and organizations recommend regularly cleaning windows to prevent […]

What you should know about tempered glass

Does your office building, school campus, sports arena, or other commercial facility have tempered glass windows? Tempered glass is commonly used for windows in commercial buildings because it is stronger than standard annealed glass, and because it is relatively shatterproof. Despite the benefits offered by tempered glass, property managers and building owners may notice some challenges posed by their window, door, and other glass panes if their facilities contain poor quality tempered glass. To make tempered glass, manufacturers first cut the glass to size, and then examine it for imperfections which could cause the surface to break during the tempering process. Generally, irregularities in the glass can be sanded down and washed off before the glass is heated in the tempering oven. However, some manufacturers do not properly clean off the glass surface before tempering, and fabrication debris left behind creates a risk for scratches and breaks during regular maintenance of the glass. For example, a professional window cleaner may begin cleaning a defective tempered glass pane without knowing about the presence of fabrication debris. The debris will often dislodge and scrape across the surface as the window cleaner wipes and polishes the window pane. When building a new commercial structure, builders should properly vet all materials manufacturers before selecting which products are used in their projects. Once a structure has been completed, property managers and owners should only allow experienced and licensed window cleaners to wash their glass surfaces, as these professionals are trained to properly remove debris left behind by construction crews on these […]

Window Cleaning Careers – How to Become A Window Cleaner Today

Many of the best window cleaners in the business entered this career path because of the excitement offered in the job. Window washers enjoy the rush of adrenaline from working high above the ground, the ever changing atmosphere when working in different landscapes and job sites, and the uncertainty of working in various weather conditions. But many people who want to become window cleaners are not sure how to get started on this new career path, or even what requirements they will face in their new job. If you want to become a window cleaner, you should first understand the qualifications you need to have. There are some skills that cannot be trained. For example: Window washers must enjoy the thrill of heights. If you are afraid of heights, you will not be able to think clearly and make quick decisions when cleaning windows on a high rise building. Window cleaners need to have a high level of respect for safety standards. Risk taking is not permitted on window cleaning job sites, because one miscalculated risk could lead to serious injuries. Window cleaners must have a natural ability to pay attention to detail. Every job will require you to use different equipment, and each piece of equipment needs to be inspected carefully before use to avoid accidents and safety hazards. Window washers also need to enjoy problem solving and facing challenges. In many job scenarios, unexpected challenges will come up that you have not anticipated. For example, the weather may change suddenly, there may be trees […]

6 reasons to start a career with Innovative Window Cleaning

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Many of our team members joke about the bystanders who watch them as they work, with a look on their face that can be described as a mixture of awe and fear. A common comment we hear from people is, “You could not pay me enough to do what you do!” Usually this statement follows the person watching our crew dangle hundreds of feet off the ground while cleaning the glass of a downtown Chicago high rise. But there are plenty of benefits to working for Innovative Window Cleaning. The Pay: For one thing, our employees do make a good living, especially considering that we do not require a GED, high school diploma, or further education as a job prerequisite. Although many people believe window washing is an easy and effortless task, we appreciate the challenging work and required skills our staff members develop over years of experience. The Future: Because of the skills required, window cleaners enjoy long term job security. Window washing is challenging work, as you have to know which tools are appropriate on diverse building types, how to set up and use each piece of equipment properly, how to work in various weather conditions, and how to keep your team safe throughout each job. Many individuals are not cut out to be window cleaners, so there will always be a demand for great employees.  The Work Environment: Our team loves getting to work outside every day. The Chicagoland region is one of the few parts of the country where we experience all […]

Add to the Beauty of Spring

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If you’re trying to set up a crew on your own to clean the windows of your apartment complex, church or school, think no further. The time and energy spent on cleaning products, men and time, you could have called us! Innovative Window Cleaning specializes in using the highest quality in products, cleaning team and service. We work with the highest standards to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today and we will have an estimator visit your facility to produce a price quote that we guarantee a low-cost window cleaning service! We have the scaffolding, ladders, squeegees, and our secret formula to get the cleanest windows in Chicago! Add to the beauty of spring with Innovative Window Cleaning. Your Best Value In The Chicago Area What makes Innovative Window Cleaning the best value and smart choice in the Chicago and suburban Illinois area? Our quality work and reputation! We clean windows for some of the largest buildings, event centers, and schools in the area. We are the go-to company for several commercial buildings across Northern Illinois, but don’t take our word for it, try us today and see for yourself! For many corporations and small business, we are the preferred choice for commercial window cleaning services in Chicago, Illinois.

Attention Property Managers in Chicago, do you have a board meeting coming up?

Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago Skyline

Do you have a board meeting coming up with your condo association or corporate board members? We have the most efficient and economical solutions for your budget. Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has proven to be a strong leader and successful incorporating into the commercial window cleaning industry and providing excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Now you can save time and money with quality results that far exceed what you are getting from traditional window cleaning companies. Spring is quickly approaching and we all know what that means? It’s time to put out some fires. Do you have a board at one of your associations that is looking into pressure cleaning the exterior of their complex for the first time? Maybe your board has received bids prior years for the exterior cleaning services but just never pulled the trigger. Innovative Window Cleaning is available to meet and talk to your board members and answer any questions they might have about spring services. You will take comfort in knowing our window cleaners are safety trained, experienced, and available when you need them. Other companies in our service area hire off the street, we only hire those who have extensive experience and understand the importance of safety. Innovative Window Cleaning has achieved great success thanks to our dedicated, professional staff. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and quality is job one. Window Cleaning is an art of a different nature. A job that requires fine workmanship and skill. Any window cleaning company […]

Use Clean Windows to Combat Cabin Fever

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One of the most import uses for windows in your office building isn’t the image they convey to outside observers – it’s what they can do for your employees inside. Simply put, windows allow us to see the world outside. Cooped up in the office all day long, it’s very important we realize that we aren’t literally rats trapped in a maze – it just can feel like it sometimes. That’s why you must make sure that the hallways and offices of your company that will house the most employees have windows, whenever possible. Some examples include the lunchroom; large office rooms; auditoriums; break rooms; and the reception desk area where employees enter and exit the building. Even more secluded areas definitely need windows. If you’ll be shooting a lot of videos – or taking a lot of pictures – as part of your business, make sure the room where the media is created has windows. Videographers and photographs can make excellent use of the natural light from windows to make every project look more life-like and pleasant. You can’t have windows everywhere (and you certainly may want to rethink having windows in your research or laboratory office), and it may not be appropriate to have windows in bathrooms. That’s why you should use window space strategically. You can use windows as a way to differentiate positions of power in a certain floor of the building. Everyone will know to take the digital marketing director seriously since she’s got the best office on the floor – […]

Cracking the Office Windows: Nature’s Air Conditioning

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Summer is upon us in the Chicagoland area and the rest of the country. With it comes clear skies, swimming pools, and – to winter lovers’ dismay – scorching summer temperatures. Most experience the summer heat and humidity through the outside world and on vacations, but if you’re in an old building – or air conditioning is too expensive to pipe through the entire office – you’ll be affected by summer temperatures inside as well. Here are some of the rooms at your office or business that may get the hottest this summer: The lunchroom – Anytime large swaths of employees gather in one place, the collective body heat will surely affect the room’s temperature. Add to that yet another summer day flirting with 100 degree Fahrenheit weather, and workers’ microwaved TV dinners won’t be the only things that are piping hot. Laboratories – If you work at an engineering company or work for a government agency that conducts original research, it’s likely that these rooms – or even entire floors – will be hot to begin with before even considering the scorching summer sun. The top floors – Anyone who has spent time in an attic during the summer knows that heat rises in buildings, and your place of work is no exception. Luckily, you can always crack open the windows in those rooms or floors. The air flow may not completely relieve the hot internal temperatures, but the fresh, cooler air that pipes in will be a literal “breath of fresh air” for your […]

Residential Chicago Window Cleaning – Can You Really Do It Yourself?

Innovative Safe Window Cleaning

Innovative Window Cleaning focuses only on commercial window cleaning in the Chicago area. We realize this limits our reach, but we think it’s best for you and for us to be very focused and clear upfront.But we can’t deny that residential window cleaning affects every homeowner in the Chicago area, and we know we will get calls and questions on the topic.So from time to time we may blog about residential window cleaning topics as a service to our readers. Plus, we know every business owner also has a home to worry about, so this is our guidance for them as well.The main question we hear is, “Should I do my on window cleaning at home?“In most cases, our answer is yes. If you take good advice and use the proper tools, you can often do a great job at home on your own.There are always exceptions, the first and most important of which, is when you consider how many stories your home is. If you have a two-story home, or even a multilevel dwelling that requires you use a ladder to clean the windows, contracting out is something you need to seriously consider.Another variable is accessibility to windows. Do you have trees in the way? Landscaping to avoid? If so, it may be much easier to pay someone else to do it instead of trying to do it yourself.When you try to clean your own house windows yourself, give it some time. You may not do a great job the first time, leaving streaks or […]

Men at Lunch on a Hi-Rise

Remember this famous photo of the workmen having lunch? The one sitting on the beam in the New York City skyline? Of course you do! It’s a classic photo by Charles C. Ebbets and has a storied reputation. The workers were atop the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center during its construction, with no safety harnesses, obviously a dangerous job. It makes us wonder what other dangerous jobs are. So we did some digging and below are the top 10 most dangerous jobs according to Time Magazine (in descending order; bottom is most dangerous). Construction Laborers Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Managers Drivers, Sales Workers and Truck Drivers Electrical Power Line Installers and Repairers Refuse, Recyclable Material Collectors Structural Iron and Steel Workers Roofers Pilots, Flight Engineers Fishers, Fishing Workers Loggers We can’t believe hi-rise window cleaning isn’t  on the list. Obviously they haven’t seen this episode of Dirty Jobs. Or the list maker forgot about us. Or maybe we and our colleagues are doing well with workplace safety and it’s no longer considered dangerous. Maybe we should be on the scariest list, instead! Now back to the famous photo. Did you know there is an entire documentary on the men in the picture? It’s available on Netflix and here’s a link to the Internet Movie Database for more information. We think it’s something any history buff would love!

Beware of what others can see through the windows

Have you had one of these experiences before: While walking outside to the office entrance, you see through an exposed window a meeting take place in a first floor conference room. You’re innocently walking around town and notice a competitor’s strategy map – in embarrassingly exposed detail – that is visible through a second floor window. One of your favorite coworkers is resigning – and you know this because you see him hand over a resignation letter to the boss through a conference room window. These are clearly events that were never meant to be seen by your employees, your competitors or even the general public. Even if you haven’t experienced one of these embarrassing events before, many have. While windows are important to offer employees with views of the world outside the building, you must be cautious of where these windows are located, and be always conscious that the outside world can see in (unless you install blinds!) No matter what can be seen through your windows, at least ensure that they are clean and tidy. Contact us today for more information on our professional window cleaning services.

“Dirty Jobs” Look at Hi-Rise Window Cleaning

Ever wonder what it’s like to clean windows on a modern hi-rise building? Mike Rowe, star of the hit Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs” did, and tried his hand at it. In the episode, Mike traveled to Hawaii and joined the crew of Worldwide Window Cleaning where he harnessed up and hops into a bosun’s chair to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu. This building has outward curves that make it an even tougher job. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Mike so scared in his life! Just starting out, Mike says, “How the heck do I get down there?” “You crawl over the edge,” answers the expert window cleaner. “C’mon!” is all Rowe can answer. It’s a scary thing, indeed! Prayer is offered and happily accepted. Rowe then gets a lesson on some proper window washing techniques in the video here, including angling of the squeegee and careful handling of the tools. There’s no margin for error for dropping tools of a hi-rise building! Here’s a 2-minute preview of the episode. Want to watch the full episode? Try NetFlix or Amazon.

“Curb Appeal” and that First Impression

We talked about choices and how that may affect your business in the last post. We have the choice to make an impression, whether good or bad. When it comes to our homes and our business we definitely want to make a good impression. Some things we can do to make our home a better sell is the “curb appeal”.  Same thing when it comes to our business. We work so hard building clientele and retaining them, especially in this day and age. Some things that we can do to meet these issues it to impress. We can impress with our personality number one. But number one besides that is how clean and updated our place of business is. Fresh paint, clean carpet and a de-cluttered space is what helps, but also the “curb appeal” or what people see from the outside is what may be your first impression. Innovative Window Cleaning is here to help you achieve that goal of a great first impression! Clean windows are part of that “curb appeal”. And not just any clean window, but a sparkling window that will wash away the dirt and grime that comes with this crazy Chicago weather. We will work with you to create a first impression that will last. Contact us or call us at 1-888-535-1440 to get a window cleaning package started for your business, apartment complex, high rise, church or school today!


Sometimes in life we have choices. Anything from what to eat for breakfast to what car you should buy. Sometimes we have to wait on things because they’re out of budget or the timing is just not right. And sometimes you may do something yourself because you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you. Sometimes that is an O.K. thing to do and other times it’s not. For example not paying a plumber for that leak…if you’ve never fixed that before that is probably something you should have a professional look at because it will cost you in the long run. If you own a commercial property, an apartment complex or manage a tall skyscraper in the city, you will want to make a wise choice when it comes to the cleaning of your windows. You may want to hold off because you are “stretching the bank” by paying someone to do that job. You may figure to buy a ladder and some bottles of window cleaner instead of hiring a professional window cleaning company to do the job. You will find that that will not work. You will find streaks and it will not last through this ever-changing Chicago weather. Hire Innovative Window Cleaning to do the job. We will work with your budget to assure 100% satisfaction of the cleanest windows in the city. Cleaner windows will impress your neighbors, clients and yourself. It may help boost your business as well. Invest in a cleaner environment this spring!

Window Washing Tools of the Trade

A lot of people like to try to do their own window washing, even commercial businesses. While we believe there’s some opportunity to do this successfully, we previously blogged about things to think about before venturing out on your own. Today we are going to talk about a few tools of the trade for those just starting out. If these tools don’t intimidate you and you can afford the up-front cost, we wish you the best and hope our tips here might help you out! First, there’s the washing solution. While we can’t give away our own formula and methods of application, we will say that there are industrial-strength solutions available that you should invest in. Not only will these materials keep up with harsh weather conditions but they will get your windows sparkling clean the first time and reduce the number of coatings you have to do. Further, the right solution combined with the right amounts of rinses will help clean off that multi-layered dirt and grime that you were trying to clean off in the first place. The second vital tool of the trade is of course the famous squeegee. These like any maintenance tools range from quick, cheap versions you can get at your local hardware store to industrial-strength versions with the wider applicator. Some of the models have replaceable applicators, while others do not. So if this is a long-term commitment for you, make sure to get the right squeegee. Next you have to consider those hard-to-reach windows. This might include multiple […]

Commercial Window Cleaning for Chicago

Every so often we want to make a clear statement about who we are what we do. We know with frequent blogging, companies can lose sight of the main purpose in their message. We like to have fun and write about related topics, but thought it would be a good time to re-introduce Innovative Window Cleaning and our services: Innovative Window Cleaning is a commercial window cleaning company covering all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We handle all types of commercial window cleaning for business and industry, including the following types of buildings: Office buildings Malls Strip malls Restaurants Large multi-family housing units Multi-story commercial buildings Industrial buildings Churches Schools Libraries Skyscrapers and hi-rise buildings Government and municipal buildings Sports venues and stadiums and many more We are insured, and offer a staff of experience window washers. We respect your time and property and always put the customer first. We offer one-time window cleanings or long-term maintenance plans for businesses. Fill out our contact form or call us today so we can set up a free, no obligation quote. We hope you decide to make Innovative Window Cleaning your source for Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago. About Us Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has been a strong leader in the commercial window cleaning industry and provides excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such as race tracks, event centers, venues, and arenas. Contact us for a free quote at 1-888-535-1440

How often should I clean my office windows?

We are often asked how often our commercial clients should clean their windows. There are a few rules of thumb, however, it really depends on your location, type of building and type of business.We’ve covered on our blog in the past that if you have a storefront window that customers are influenced by, it is a very high priority that your windows be clean. Likewise if you are a restaurant, you know that even one fingerprint or run-in with food can ruin someone’s appetite and drive them away – and they may not return. So those are cases where you definitely want to be cleaning your windows even up to several times per day. At least taking a look very often, and cleaning them as needed.If you have a more traditional office building, however, your schedule can depend more on the weather and routine maintenance. We offer plans to come out each month for many of our clients, though some preferred once per quarter.No matter what situation you are in always keep your eye open for windows that need cleaning. If it is something simple you might be able to do the job yourself, but for weathered windows it will take a more industrial product that only a professional window cleaning company can provide. Lastly, consider the type of building you have. If you are boxed in by other buildings, your windows may face less weather-related issues and look pretty good for a longer time. Conversely, if you are in an open field or have no “wind blocking” buildings or […]

What the outside sees in

We always hear about “location, location, location.” While it’s true that having an excellent location is crucial to a successful business, there’s another factor that can make or break your establishment: The image your business portrays to outsider viewers. Even if you have the most prime real estate out of all the businesses like yours in your city or town, you may as well begin throwing in the towel if a customer can witness one of the following from your windows. Wilting plants. If the plants you placed at your windows to make the inside of your business more aesthetically pleasing are wilting and dying, you should expect your customer flow to do pretty much the same. Since it shows that you don’t care about the up-keep at your business, customers may not expect you to take care of them as well. Scattered, messy papers, everywhere. Nothing says “disorganized” than a desk full of loose sheets of paper. Memos, quarterly reports and thank-you cards everywhere, and in no particular order: Sure, the mess shows you’re busy, but it also demonstrates that you can’t handle an even the simplest of paper filing systems. Bored or forgotten customers. If you are a service-providing business and your customers sit at the windows, make sure they don’t sit there too long to get apathetic or discontent – for all the world to see. At the very least, provide a stack of magazines or newspapers at the sitting areas. Just make sure things don’t get too messy.   Least of all, […]

Crowded window displays

Recently we discussed storefront windows and how to best utilize them. We again emphasize we are not interior designers or storefront window display experts. But we’ve seen so many windows, we can’t help but feel like we are starting to learn the trade.One thing we run into from time to time is the overcrowding of window space. It’s found at many gas stations, liquor stores, and convenience stores. Some of these storeowners think that they must jam as many promotions as possible into their window space. For a short time, you can grab some attention, but over the long haul it creates an atmosphere that we believe is detrimental to sales.When a window is so crowded that it actually blocks the view into the store, it actually makes it a non-inviting atmosphere. We feel like we’ve gone back to the 1980s and the clerk behind the counter will be smoking a cigar and selling expired food. Sure, we are being over-the-top and joking a little, but there is some truth to this. The perception is that your store is tight, crowded and stuffed. And we believe you should do everything possible to make your store open and airy and should be set up to be an inviting atmosphere.So instead of overcrowding your windows, consider putting a few select nicely designed posters up to promote your latest offerings and products. Change them often, so they get noticed when they change.And keep those windows nice and clear. Let the sunshine in and soon patrons will follow.

Taking care of the home front

If you’re a business manager or facility manager,  we understand all the tasks that you must juggle each day. We are a small business as well and we feel your pain. We know it’s easy to think about business, sales, the bottom line, expansion, new employees and day-to-day tasks. It’s a full slate. The one thing we see slip through the cracks is taking care of the home front. Maintaining your building so that it continues to invite customers and valued employees. Sometimes the focus on successful business leaves external image to be desired. You may be doing very well, but to the new prospect you don’t look professional. There’s more to your image then external maintenance, but Innovative Window Cleaning can take care of one repetitive task: making a window look great. Why not let us take care of your window cleaning instead of filling your schedule with a repetitive task that won’t go away? In fact, the only way to make it go away is to call today. So take care of that home front and make that front window and door look great. Give your prospects and employees impression of professional energy from the moment they walk in your door. In that way, your successful business will have a matching image to go along with it. Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has been a strong leader in the commercial window cleaning industry and provides excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such […]