Chicago’s #1 Best Window Cleaning for Fast Food and Fine Dining Restaurants

What windows say about your restaurant What are your restaurant’s windows, doors, and glass paneling telling your customers about your business? When you are running a thriving cafe, coffeehouse, fast food restaurant, or fine dining establishment, you may not have a ton of time to pay attention to the smallest details. After all, during the lunch hour rush in downtown Chicago’s financial district or a Saturday night in a Chicagoland suburb, you are probably most focused on ensuring your kitchen is running efficiently and your servers are friendly and professional. Over time, however, ignoring details such as the glass facades of your restaurant can cost your business thousands of lost customers each year. Here are three things your windows are saying about your restaurant: This is how clean my kitchen is. Even though the smudges on the glass doors of your cafe do not actually reflect the quality of your food or cleanliness of your kitchen, these first impressions matter! Subconsciously, passersby and potential patrons draw conclusions about your sanitation habits based on the outer appearance of your facility. Think about it this way—you would never seat guests at a table covered in crumbs or sauce, right? You should think about your glass panels and doors in the same way. This is how much you can trust me. When customers can’t trust your eatery to pay attention to the small details of your facility, how can they trust you with the big things like the quality of your food and service? One pet peeve shared among […]

4 reasons your residential complex needs a window cleaning service

Although many property managers and owners believe regular window cleaning is mainly needed for commercial properties, there are several reasons to hire a regular window cleaner for residential properties as well. Here are some of the most common reasons we are asked to professionally clean windows for HOA’s, apartment complexes, condominium buildings, and other residential facilities: You want your property to appeal to future tenants. Think about the last time you purchased or leased a home—what was the first thing you noticed about the property? Most of the time, curb appeal factors such as balanced landscaping and clean windows serve as a first indicator about how well the property manager has kept up with more important factors such as safe electrical wiring and plumbing concerns. When potential tenants first pull into your complex’s parking lot, you want them to be immediately impressed. A professional window cleaning service can ensure your windows remain bright, clear, and streak free at all times. You want each unit to look uniform and clean. In upscale neighborhoods governed by homeowners associations, you will find requirements dictating how tall the grass can grow, what features can be placed in the front yard, and what renovations can be made to the houses. Many apartment and condo complexes will even go so far as to require residents only hang up window curtains and drapes that are white on the back side. All of these restrictions are placed with the intention of keeping a look of uniformity and cleanliness to the complex. Why should the […]

Use Clean Windows to Combat Cabin Fever

windows cleaning debris

One of the most import uses for windows in your office building isn’t the image they convey to outside observers – it’s what they can do for your employees inside. Simply put, windows allow us to see the world outside. Cooped up in the office all day long, it’s very important we realize that we aren’t literally rats trapped in a maze – it just can feel like it sometimes. That’s why you must make sure that the hallways and offices of your company that will house the most employees have windows, whenever possible. Some examples include the lunchroom; large office rooms; auditoriums; break rooms; and the reception desk area where employees enter and exit the building. Even more secluded areas definitely need windows. If you’ll be shooting a lot of videos – or taking a lot of pictures – as part of your business, make sure the room where the media is created has windows. Videographers and photographs can make excellent use of the natural light from windows to make every project look more life-like and pleasant. You can’t have windows everywhere (and you certainly may want to rethink having windows in your research or laboratory office), and it may not be appropriate to have windows in bathrooms. That’s why you should use window space strategically. You can use windows as a way to differentiate positions of power in a certain floor of the building. Everyone will know to take the digital marketing director seriously since she’s got the best office on the floor – […]

Don’t play games with your safety

Each year there are reported cases of injury and even death from people falling off roofs and ladders. We don’t want to scare you, chances are you’ll be fine if you’re doing work on your own. But if you’re getting up there in age or just don’t have the agility you once did, it’s best to let a professional do second floor and roof maintenance for your home. Don’t hesitate to call a professional for such matters. Not only do we have a large team that can get the job done faster, but we know tricks and methods to doing the job best. We also have the proper equipment to make the job safe. In our case of course, our forte is window cleaning. So give us a call today for your free window cleaning quote. For some things business owners may decide on a low-budget, economical option. We encourage you, however, to be sure that window cleaning is not one of those things. Taking the low cost option for window cleaning means you may get someone who is not professional in appearance, methods, or workmanship. The last thing you want is a job that is not well done. That won’t be an issue with Innovative Window Cleaning. We are insured, bonded and licensed and have years of experience. We will come out, do the job well, and be safe while doing it. Even better, we are far from an expensive option. We believe our rates are very reasonable. Give us a call for a quote […]

Sticker residue on Windows

For some businesses there’s more than just a dirty window problem. Many storefronts and other commercial buildings have residue from old signs and stickers. Anything from display posters to “special of the day” for restaurants even to little stuff like Neighborhood Watch or “No concealed carry” signs. When these stickers and signs are indoors you have the time and a comfortable atmosphere to work on these yourself. From razor blades and “Goo-Gone” you might try many different ways to remove them with varying levels of success. When these stickers stains are outdoors, however, removal becomes another story. The windows may be in hard-to-reach places, or the weather may not cooperate. Plus, the last thing you want to do scratch the window, or make it worse in some way. The other variable for outdoor window stains is the sun. Four months, years or even decades the sun beat down on your sign, creating a haze, glare or other unsightly result. Once you remove the sign, your window no longer “matches” its smoothness, cleanliness or reflectivity. One solution is to purchase a new window altogether, and some of our competitors may suggest that. That’s the easy way out, but an expensive way out as well! Before you replace the glass, give Innovative Window Cleaning a call. We can come out and evaluate the situation right away. It may well be that you need to replace your window, but we will do everything possible to salvage what you have for a cheaper and greener solution.

Property Management Window Washing Discounts

Are you a property management company that owns multiple commercial buildings? If you are in the general Chicago area, we’d love to talk to you about our window washing discounts. Planning routine washings with us helps us balance our schedule and crews, and saves us time and money. We can pass that savings along to you for a win-win situation! If you own multiple buildings, you need to think big on all maintenance you do. We hope you have a common plumbing company, maintenance company, painting and drywall and more. We know that window washing can sometimes take a back seat, because it isn’t an “urgent” need. But believe us, it’s noticed, and it’s something you should schedule and get a “quantity discount” on. Innovative window washing can cover many types of buildings, they don’t have to all be the same. It may be apartment buildings, strip malls, big box stores, even some of the largest buildings in Chicago. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask what we can do for you. You might be surprised how much you can benefit financially and enjoy peace of mind if you choose us and we establish a loyal relationship together. About Us Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has been a strong leader in the commercial window cleaning industry and provides excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such as race tracks, event centers, venues, and arenas. Contact us for a free quote […]

Let the Sunshine In

Discouraged by yet another snowfall? On the first day of Spring to boot! Are you overly anticipating the long awaited arrival of light breezes, birds singing in the leafy trees? As much as we are to be sure! Why not start to feel that new feeling now? We specialize in bringing a little touch of spring to apartment complex owners, schools and high-rises. By spring cleaning the windows that have been through one of the worst winters on record, you are sure to have a glimpse of hope with the sparkle of the sun gleaming through. Professionally trained and safety guaranteed, Innovative Window Cleaning can handle your commercial washing needs. We will work with you to create a professional cleaning package that will work for your property. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to get your spring cleaning underway. Time to get the winter coat off and let the sunshine in!

The Benefits of Window Cleaning

Why do high-rise office windows need to be cleaned? No one enjoys wearing glasses that are dirty because they are unable to see clearly. The same is true for windows in office buildings. A dirty office window makes it difficult for employees to work effectively. Each time employees glance through the window, they focus on the dirt and grime, not the scene outdoors. Studies show that every fifteen minutes office workers need to take their eyes away from their computer screens and focus on a distant object to avoid work-related injuries. A dirty office window hampers this effort. Cleaner windows also result in better energy efficiency and lower overhead costs. A clean window allows in more natural light. Quite simply, employees use less electricity when they can see properly. Luckily, Innovative Window Cleaning offers fast, cost-effective window cleaning for a variety of different office window configurations in all types of high-rise buildings. Our employees are trained to clean your corporation windows in the safest way possible to perfection, being careful to follow all local building safety code requirements. When they arrive, our window cleaners will inspect the building site, confirm the price, and advise you exactly how they plan to execute the job, and answer any questions you might have to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please contact us for a free estimate.