4 people you need to impress at your hotel or resort

Maybe your resort offers first class customer service, dozens of amenities, and delicious food for your guests… Unfortunately, your guests will not have a chance to experience these benefits if your hotel does not land their booking. The cleanliness and sleek appearance of your facility will define the first impression of your visitors, and details such as dirty windows can drive away clients who may otherwise have been blown away by your services. These are just four people your hotel needs to impress to continue attracting new clients and repeat business: Brides Weddings offer a huge revenue opportunity for hotels and resorts, as every bride is searching for a beautiful venue which will set the perfect scene for all of her photos and memories. And when it comes time for the honeymoon, she is looking for a luxurious resort where she can relax with her new lifelong love. Windows serve many functions in wedding photos, not only as lighting sources, but also as decorative elements which can frame an image. Conference Planners Whether they are planning an educational conference for a particular industry or an annual corporate reunion, the organizers of these giant events are always on the lookout for impressive venues. Conferences offer multiple growing revenue streams not only from reservation fees, but also through catering and other add-on services. Due to the growth of this industry, hotels and resorts have become increasingly more competitive in their offerings and appearance to attract corporate event planners. High End Vacationers Chicago is one of the most exciting […]

Why your medical facility needs clean windows

Why your medical facility needs clean windows Medical facilities such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, outpatient practices, overnight and extended stay facilities, and even mental health offices often feature large windows which reach from the floor to ceiling. While your health facility probably institutes strict cleaning procedures for the inside of your building to promote patient health, you may be unintentionally neglecting the exterior side of your windows. Here are just a few reasons to pay attention to the cleanliness of the windows on the outside of your building: Patients will associate the cleanliness of all surfaces with their health and safety. Any built up dirt and grime on your windows will send a message to your visitors about the overall cleanliness and safety standards of your health center. Although particles stuck on the outside of your windows may not accurately represent your sanitation practices, this dirt contributes to the overall impression patients gather about your office. You need to be sure patients and visitors walk away from their appointment feeling confident that they will receive high quality services the next time they need to come back to your office. Dirty windows can further aggravate illness. If your windows are covered in pollen, mold, and other dirt which has built up over time, your windows may actually cause further irritation of your patients’ symptoms. Allergens could also cause new symptoms to appear, creating confusion about which symptoms are associated with the illness and which are allergic reactions. Health professionals and organizations recommend regularly cleaning windows to prevent […]

What you should know about tempered glass

Does your office building, school campus, sports arena, or other commercial facility have tempered glass windows? Tempered glass is commonly used for windows in commercial buildings because it is stronger than standard annealed glass, and because it is relatively shatterproof. Despite the benefits offered by tempered glass, property managers and building owners may notice some challenges posed by their window, door, and other glass panes if their facilities contain poor quality tempered glass. To make tempered glass, manufacturers first cut the glass to size, and then examine it for imperfections which could cause the surface to break during the tempering process. Generally, irregularities in the glass can be sanded down and washed off before the glass is heated in the tempering oven. However, some manufacturers do not properly clean off the glass surface before tempering, and fabrication debris left behind creates a risk for scratches and breaks during regular maintenance of the glass. For example, a professional window cleaner may begin cleaning a defective tempered glass pane without knowing about the presence of fabrication debris. The debris will often dislodge and scrape across the surface as the window cleaner wipes and polishes the window pane. When building a new commercial structure, builders should properly vet all materials manufacturers before selecting which products are used in their projects. Once a structure has been completed, property managers and owners should only allow experienced and licensed window cleaners to wash their glass surfaces, as these professionals are trained to properly remove debris left behind by construction crews on these […]

Chicago’s #1 Best Window Cleaning for Fast Food and Fine Dining Restaurants

What windows say about your restaurant What are your restaurant’s windows, doors, and glass paneling telling your customers about your business? When you are running a thriving cafe, coffeehouse, fast food restaurant, or fine dining establishment, you may not have a ton of time to pay attention to the smallest details. After all, during the lunch hour rush in downtown Chicago’s financial district or a Saturday night in a Chicagoland suburb, you are probably most focused on ensuring your kitchen is running efficiently and your servers are friendly and professional. Over time, however, ignoring details such as the glass facades of your restaurant can cost your business thousands of lost customers each year. Here are three things your windows are saying about your restaurant: This is how clean my kitchen is. Even though the smudges on the glass doors of your cafe do not actually reflect the quality of your food or cleanliness of your kitchen, these first impressions matter! Subconsciously, passersby and potential patrons draw conclusions about your sanitation habits based on the outer appearance of your facility. Think about it this way—you would never seat guests at a table covered in crumbs or sauce, right? You should think about your glass panels and doors in the same way. This is how much you can trust me. When customers can’t trust your eatery to pay attention to the small details of your facility, how can they trust you with the big things like the quality of your food and service? One pet peeve shared among […]

3 Ways Windows Can Boost Employee Performance

3 ways windows can boost employee performance When you work in an industry which requires staff to work indoors all day, you may start to notice your employees trying to leave work earlier as Chicago’s weather finally starts to warm up. This becomes especially true for companies which need their team to stay behind computers and desks for hours at a time. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can make your workplace feel less constricting, just by taking advantage of windows! Here are three ways you can use windows to boost morale and productivity in your office space: #1: Make crowded space feel more open. Where do your employees tend to congregate and take up the most space in your building? Generally areas such as break rooms, lunch cafeterias, board and meeting rooms, and front lobbies attract a higher density of staff and clients than other areas of your office. Adding windows to the walls of these spaces can instantly make them feel larger and more airy. Windows can also make the occupants of these rooms feel like they have more elbow room and personal space. If you have a board room or break area which is located in the center of a building where you can’t add windows to the outside, consider adding windows which open them up to adjoining rooms. You can even use mirrors to create an illusion of more space if traditional windows aren’t appropriate. #2: Let the outdoors come in. During the spring, fall, and even cooler summer days, you may want […]

How to choose a maintenance or cleaning vendor

When you’re getting ready to hire a new maintenance or cleaning vendor, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of businesses you can choose from. Although the greater Chicagoland region offers local chapters of several professional associations of maintenance and cleaning vendors, their websites can be difficult to search for qualified contractors. Even the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s member directory contains over 1100 companies to browse through! Here are some tips for choosing your next facility management vendor: Look at vendors located in close proximity to your business. Although distance is not the most important factor in the search for a qualified contractor, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your HVAC repair person could make it out to your office in fifteen minutes if the air conditioning goes out? As simple as it may sound, performing a quick Google Maps search centered on your geographic region can prove an easy list to kick-start your vendor research. With Google Maps, you can even specify the minimum Google+ star rating you want to include in the search. Thoroughly search through reviews and testimonials. It’s important to keep in mind that reviews don’t share the full story of a company’s qualifications. One disgruntled former employee or hotheaded customer can tank a star rating with just a few keystrokes. However, a contractor who truly cares about forming long lasting relationships with their clients will shine in their reviews. Relationship minded vendors will also take the time to ask each of their clients to consider writing a testimonial story for […]

The Innovative Advantage – Chicago’s #1 Choice for Professional Window Cleaning

The Basics of Building Maintenance Whether you are a new property manager, aspire to become a Chief Operations Officer, or simply enjoy cross training in new areas of business, you may be interested in learning the basics of maintaining and inspecting an office building. Although many areas of building maintenance should be handled by certified professionals, we believe every business leader should have a general idea of the upkeep checklist of a commercial building. Here are the primary elements which maintenance staff should regularly inspect and manage: Basic health and safety standards Although OSHA provides a list of thousands of laws and best practices your office should follow to ensure a healthy workplace, most employees do not need to become familiar with all of them. However, there are some obvious areas you should check whenever you walk around or through your building. Clear pathways — Does equipment, furniture, boxes, or clutter block the walkways in and around your building? Are there any other tripping hazards, such as uneven surfaces which are not properly marked? Adequate lighting — Are all areas in and around the building well lit, or will employees experience eye strain by the end of the day due to dim lighting? If employees leave during a rainstorm or after the sun has started setting, are there enough lights available in the parking area? Air quality — Are air filters changed when needed? Are any hazardous materials stored safely so employees will not breathe in fumes? Structural gaps and cracks — Does the parking lot […]

How to make your sports venue look even more impressive

Sports venues like stadiums and arenas are no longer just for sports events—a great facilities manager knows you are not making the most of your venue if you fail to fill in the gaps between games with concerts, festivals, charity events, and other community gatherings. However, there is a lot of competition in the event venue space! Here are four ways you can ensure your sports facility stands out above conference centers, hotels, and trendy downtown skyscrapers in the Greater Chicago area: Update your technology. One of the first checklist items for every event planner is Wi-Fi…and they do not just want to know if you offer Wi-Fi—they want to know that the Wi-Fi will have a great signal if everyone in the stadium is trying to connect at the same time. You may need to bring in a technician from your chosen internet provider to get their opinion on how many hubs you need in your facility to keep the internet working properly for everyone. The biggest sports venues are also offering free apps which guests can download to improve their experience. Charlotte Jensen-Murphy, the Senior Vice President of Sports & Entertainment for ABM Industries, says that many of her facilities have apps which allow guests to reserve and pay for parking ahead of time, and then provide directions for the guests to find their parking space before and after the game. Guests can even access turn by turn directions to get from their parking spot to their stadium seats so they don’t have to […]

What business owners look for in an office space

When you own or manage an office building, you want to make sure your space is attractive to a wide variety of business owners so you can attract and retain renters. In the Greater Chicago area, the office building space is very competitive because there are hundreds of available facilities for companies to lease. Here are some of the most common factors entrepreneurs consider when choosing their office space. Convenience The first element an entrepreneur will notice about your office building is its location, especially if he or she is a small business owner. Most corporate executives prefer to minimize their travel time because commuting takes time away from their work. Potential renters will want to know: Is this office near my home? Is the office convenient for my employees and clients to reach? What are the traffic patterns surrounding the building? Are there convenient coffee shops, restaurants, and office supply stores I can reach if I am in a hurry? Is there a gym, recreation center, or shopping center I can easily visit while after work while I wait for rush hour traffic to die down? Be sure to emphasize the convenience of your office building in your marketing materials, and especially on your website. You can even create a custom Google Map to embed on your website with ‘pins’ on nearby businesses which may be beneficial to your renters. Functional Space Business owners also need to know your office space will work well for their daily operations. Some of the questions they will ask […]

How to improve the exterior appearance of your office building

At Innovative Window Cleaning, our priority is ensuring the aesthetics of your building look incredible. While we specialize in providing a streak free shine to your windows, there are plenty of other factors to consider as you create an impressive look for renters and visitors of your office building. Here are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind: Window Options Although most commercial building owners primarily consider the energy efficiency and functionality of their windows, it is important to remember that windows also contribute to (or diminish) the overall appearance of your property. Some of the most common window options include: Hung sliding windows — These allow your tenants to open and close the windows so they can choose to enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the city throughout the day. Tilt turn — These windows also open, and may be more practical for your business, as they are easier to clean and reduce the risk of breaking and entering after hours. Horizontal ribbon — These windows create a blended, cohesive feel for the outside of your building. Even if each office is separately rented by different organizations, your building can look like it holds just one or only a few large companies. Other non operating windows — These do not open, and they come in several designs to suit the personality of your building. Outdoor Lighting Similarly to window treatments, many property managers and owners simply consider the functionality of outdoor lighting without thinking about the appearance. The housing and design […]

Commercial Window Cleaning Equipment 101

Many of our new clients have questions about how we are actually going to clean their windows, especially if they’re located in a traffic-congested area of downtown or have a building surrounded by trees. Every facility is unique, so we employ several different window cleaning methods to make sure our employees (and your property!) stay safe while delivering a high quality clean. Here are some of the most common tools we use to keep your glass squeaky clean: Water Fed Poles These innovative poles feed purified water from a supply (like our vehicle or a backpack) through a lightweight pole to powerfully spray and wash your windows. No squeegees or chemicals are required with this tool, and it can reach high enough to clean glass on the sixth or seventh floor of your building. Sometimes clients ask how we can get a streak-free clean this way, since windows are left to air dry, but our clean water doesn’t contain the impurities that creates the streaky look. The pure water acts like a magnet to dirt already on the window, grabbing and holding it until it flows down to the ground. Secure Ladders Our leaning ladders securely grip the ground with non-skid rubber feet and can adjust to the height of each client’s office space with removable sections. The base section of each ladder flares apart slightly to offer even more stability. Our team members use these ladders to reach high-up windows inside rooms with extremely high ceilings, such as hotel lobbies or convention centers. The ladders […]

Attention Property Managers in Chicago, do you have a board meeting coming up?

Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago Skyline

Do you have a board meeting coming up with your condo association or corporate board members? We have the most efficient and economical solutions for your budget. Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has proven to be a strong leader and successful incorporating into the commercial window cleaning industry and providing excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Now you can save time and money with quality results that far exceed what you are getting from traditional window cleaning companies. Spring is quickly approaching and we all know what that means? It’s time to put out some fires. Do you have a board at one of your associations that is looking into pressure cleaning the exterior of their complex for the first time? Maybe your board has received bids prior years for the exterior cleaning services but just never pulled the trigger. Innovative Window Cleaning is available to meet and talk to your board members and answer any questions they might have about spring services. You will take comfort in knowing our window cleaners are safety trained, experienced, and available when you need them. Other companies in our service area hire off the street, we only hire those who have extensive experience and understand the importance of safety. Innovative Window Cleaning has achieved great success thanks to our dedicated, professional staff. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and quality is job one. Window Cleaning is an art of a different nature. A job that requires fine workmanship and skill. Any window cleaning company […]

Window Cleaning for Healthcare Buildings

At Innovative Window Cleaning we know that all buildings are not the same. Sure, our job might be a similar task each time, but there are things to consider depending on the type of building and what’s happening inside of the building. A  good example of this is buildings for healthcare, doctors offices, dentist offices, and hospitals. When we clean these healthcare-related buildings, we realize that people are being cared for inside. That is why we will talk to your facility manager to figure out the best time to do our work. We want to do everything we can to avoid being a distraction or a bother to your staff and patients.We also are very aware of the sanitary requirements when doing these jobs. Typically we are on the outside, so it may not be an issue. But we will definitely talk to your representatives to ensure we understand the entire situation.As far as process, healthcare buildings are usually very similar to any other office buildings today. Doctors offices and dentist offices can be in the strip mall or shared office space with other types of businesses. It’s no sweat at for us all to take care of their window cleaning needs.Hospitals, however, are a different story. Since Obamacare was passed a few years ago, many health systems and hospitals are now combining or merging. And there are many new hospital buildings being erected in the Chicago area. Many of these buildings have beautiful, hotel-like design that improves the quality of care and environment for its […]

Professional Window Cleaning for Property Managers

Commercial window cleaning and hi-rise window cleaning can also help extend the life and beauty of your building. Our team of professional window cleaners work with property managers to build maintenance schedules that meet your needs and budget. We can structure a window cleaning quote as a capital improvement or operating expense, because we believe it can serve both purposes. Our clients include recognizable names in the Chicago area, but also small businesses. No matter the way, shape, or form, we want to work with Chicago’s reputable property managers. Our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is also very important to us. We offer references upon request. Let us be your window cleaning company: office window cleaners, hi-rise window cleaners and multi-story window cleaning company. So no matter how tall or how short your building is, Innovative Window Cleaning is clearly the right choice. And don’t forget that we at Innovative Window Cleaning specialize in all different types of commercial buildings. We can clean windows for multi-story office buildings, historic churches, large buildings in the City of Chicago including skyscrapers, and more. No job is too big for our expert staff.

Inner-City Window Cleaning and Safety Tips

In a big city like Chicago there are some areas that are not so safe. Many buildings have become parking lots. Many other buildings were long ago vacated and are tumbling down as well. Fortunately, some businesses are still going strong but may be relegated to those rough parts of the city. This unfortunate location lends itself to many troubles including client and customer safety, employee safety, and building maintenance issues. We can’t help you much with the safety of those you work with, your choice of saving money in a less glamorous part of town has its pros and cons. We can recommend a few safety measures for your building, however. Get insured. You never know in this city of Chicago when gunshots may ring out, spray paint may decorate your door, or other mishaps may happen. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s a reality. Be sure you’re covered for incidents such as these. Use security. Security cameras are dirt cheap nowadays and we recommend you set one up immediately facing all of your entrances and windows. Even if you just record each loop for 24 hours you will know each morning when coming in to work that everything is okay. We also recommend you get a security system. These also are more cost-effective than ever. They can monitor door and window entries. There are different types but typically once you enter your building and enter the proper code the alarm will deactivate. If someone who is not wanted enters, the alarm will go off after a minute, prompting the police to head to […]

Commercial Window Cleaning for Chicago

Every so often we want to make a clear statement about who we are what we do. We know with frequent blogging, companies can lose sight of the main purpose in their message. We like to have fun and write about related topics, but thought it would be a good time to re-introduce Innovative Window Cleaning and our services: Innovative Window Cleaning is a commercial window cleaning company covering all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We handle all types of commercial window cleaning for business and industry, including the following types of buildings: Office buildings Malls Strip malls Restaurants Large multi-family housing units Multi-story commercial buildings Industrial buildings Churches Schools Libraries Skyscrapers and hi-rise buildings Government and municipal buildings Sports venues and stadiums and many more We are insured, and offer a staff of experience window washers. We respect your time and property and always put the customer first. We offer one-time window cleanings or long-term maintenance plans for businesses. Fill out our contact form or call us today so we can set up a free, no obligation quote. We hope you decide to make Innovative Window Cleaning your source for Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago. About Us Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has been a strong leader in the commercial window cleaning industry and provides excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such as race tracks, event centers, venues, and arenas. Contact us for a free quote at 1-888-535-1440

Isn’t window cleaning easy?

As a follow-up to our previous blog, we wanted to address the do-it-yourself mentality for window cleaning. Many companies out there try to do window cleaning with in-house maintenance employees because they perceive it to be easy. For a one-story building, in most cases, we can understand that thinking. Just get some cleaner and a squeegee and go to work. Of course, there’s still knowing the best tools to use and the best cleaning solution, which we may discuss in the future blog. But there are some more obvious problems with thinking that window cleaning is easy. First, consider hard-to-reach places. This of course includes anything from the second floor and above. But it also includes things you may not think about: heavy brush or trees around  windows may prevent the maintenance man from properly reaching the window. There also may be ground issues, too, from window wells to puddles and even landscaping ponds. Lastly, there’s the issue of convenience, especially when doing the inside of the windows. When inside your building your maintenance person has even more obstacles to get around including valuable computers and files, and even desks and people. Our team faces this issue too, of course, but we work ahead with you on a schedule to best avoid such conflicts. So while it’s definitely not rocket science, window cleaning does take forethought and planning. It also takes knowing the right tools and methods to do the job right and quickly. Doing these simple few things will help you get the results you […]

When do-it-yourself becomes a stumbling block

When it comes to washing windows for your business, doing it yourself can be pretty attractive. Sounds easy, right? It’s free, right? Not so fast. We will save the “window washing is easy” blog topic for another day. But let’s address the cost. Everything has a cost: it’s your time. And if you are using an employee to wash windows, it’s dollars as well. Before you decide to wash your own windows, you need like with anything else to figure out how much it is costing you. If you aren’t paying an employee $20 an hour, it may not sound so bad. It should just take him a couple hours right? Probably not. Depending on the size shape and location of your windows it could be a weeklong job for somebody. At that point, your cost competes with a professional service, and that service can come in and do the job typically in one day. Plus, a professional service has the right tools and skills – and insurance – to do a safe and quality job. Also consider that you lose the productivity of your employee if he is washing windows. Perhaps he can be repurposed and used on other projects that have a return on investment that far outweighs the cost of a professional window cleaning service. This debate is not new. From painting your own home to changing your own oil, we all make the decision each day whether to do the job ourselves or hand it off to a professional. Just do your […]

Don’t play games with your safety

Each year there are reported cases of injury and even death from people falling off roofs and ladders. We don’t want to scare you, chances are you’ll be fine if you’re doing work on your own. But if you’re getting up there in age or just don’t have the agility you once did, it’s best to let a professional do second floor and roof maintenance for your home. Don’t hesitate to call a professional for such matters. Not only do we have a large team that can get the job done faster, but we know tricks and methods to doing the job best. We also have the proper equipment to make the job safe. In our case of course, our forte is window cleaning. So give us a call today for your free window cleaning quote. For some things business owners may decide on a low-budget, economical option. We encourage you, however, to be sure that window cleaning is not one of those things. Taking the low cost option for window cleaning means you may get someone who is not professional in appearance, methods, or workmanship. The last thing you want is a job that is not well done. That won’t be an issue with Innovative Window Cleaning. We are insured, bonded and licensed and have years of experience. We will come out, do the job well, and be safe while doing it. Even better, we are far from an expensive option. We believe our rates are very reasonable. Give us a call for a quote […]

Sticker residue on Windows

For some businesses there’s more than just a dirty window problem. Many storefronts and other commercial buildings have residue from old signs and stickers. Anything from display posters to “special of the day” for restaurants even to little stuff like Neighborhood Watch or “No concealed carry” signs. When these stickers and signs are indoors you have the time and a comfortable atmosphere to work on these yourself. From razor blades and “Goo-Gone” you might try many different ways to remove them with varying levels of success. When these stickers stains are outdoors, however, removal becomes another story. The windows may be in hard-to-reach places, or the weather may not cooperate. Plus, the last thing you want to do scratch the window, or make it worse in some way. The other variable for outdoor window stains is the sun. Four months, years or even decades the sun beat down on your sign, creating a haze, glare or other unsightly result. Once you remove the sign, your window no longer “matches” its smoothness, cleanliness or reflectivity. One solution is to purchase a new window altogether, and some of our competitors may suggest that. That’s the easy way out, but an expensive way out as well! Before you replace the glass, give Innovative Window Cleaning a call. We can come out and evaluate the situation right away. It may well be that you need to replace your window, but we will do everything possible to salvage what you have for a cheaper and greener solution.