Window Cleaning Careers – How to Become A Window Cleaner Today

Many of the best window cleaners in the business entered this career path because of the excitement offered in the job. Window washers enjoy the rush of adrenaline from working high above the ground, the ever changing atmosphere when working in different landscapes and job sites, and the uncertainty of working in various weather conditions. But many people who want to become window cleaners are not sure how to get started on this new career path, or even what requirements they will face in their new job. If you want to become a window cleaner, you should first understand the qualifications you need to have. There are some skills that cannot be trained. For example: Window washers must enjoy the thrill of heights. If you are afraid of heights, you will not be able to think clearly and make quick decisions when cleaning windows on a high rise building. Window cleaners need to have a high level of respect for safety standards. Risk taking is not permitted on window cleaning job sites, because one miscalculated risk could lead to serious injuries. Window cleaners must have a natural ability to pay attention to detail. Every job will require you to use different equipment, and each piece of equipment needs to be inspected carefully before use to avoid accidents and safety hazards. Window washers also need to enjoy problem solving and facing challenges. In many job scenarios, unexpected challenges will come up that you have not anticipated. For example, the weather may change suddenly, there may be trees […]

3 Ways Windows Can Boost Employee Performance

3 ways windows can boost employee performance When you work in an industry which requires staff to work indoors all day, you may start to notice your employees trying to leave work earlier as Chicago’s weather finally starts to warm up. This becomes especially true for companies which need their team to stay behind computers and desks for hours at a time. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can make your workplace feel less constricting, just by taking advantage of windows! Here are three ways you can use windows to boost morale and productivity in your office space: #1: Make crowded space feel more open. Where do your employees tend to congregate and take up the most space in your building? Generally areas such as break rooms, lunch cafeterias, board and meeting rooms, and front lobbies attract a higher density of staff and clients than other areas of your office. Adding windows to the walls of these spaces can instantly make them feel larger and more airy. Windows can also make the occupants of these rooms feel like they have more elbow room and personal space. If you have a board room or break area which is located in the center of a building where you can’t add windows to the outside, consider adding windows which open them up to adjoining rooms. You can even use mirrors to create an illusion of more space if traditional windows aren’t appropriate. #2: Let the outdoors come in. During the spring, fall, and even cooler summer days, you may want […]

Cracking the Office Windows: Nature’s Air Conditioning

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Summer is upon us in the Chicagoland area and the rest of the country. With it comes clear skies, swimming pools, and – to winter lovers’ dismay – scorching summer temperatures. Most experience the summer heat and humidity through the outside world and on vacations, but if you’re in an old building – or air conditioning is too expensive to pipe through the entire office – you’ll be affected by summer temperatures inside as well. Here are some of the rooms at your office or business that may get the hottest this summer: The lunchroom – Anytime large swaths of employees gather in one place, the collective body heat will surely affect the room’s temperature. Add to that yet another summer day flirting with 100 degree Fahrenheit weather, and workers’ microwaved TV dinners won’t be the only things that are piping hot. Laboratories – If you work at an engineering company or work for a government agency that conducts original research, it’s likely that these rooms – or even entire floors – will be hot to begin with before even considering the scorching summer sun. The top floors – Anyone who has spent time in an attic during the summer knows that heat rises in buildings, and your place of work is no exception. Luckily, you can always crack open the windows in those rooms or floors. The air flow may not completely relieve the hot internal temperatures, but the fresh, cooler air that pipes in will be a literal “breath of fresh air” for your […]

How often should I clean my office windows?

We are often asked how often our commercial clients should clean their windows. There are a few rules of thumb, however, it really depends on your location, type of building and type of business.We’ve covered on our blog in the past that if you have a storefront window that customers are influenced by, it is a very high priority that your windows be clean. Likewise if you are a restaurant, you know that even one fingerprint or run-in with food can ruin someone’s appetite and drive them away – and they may not return. So those are cases where you definitely want to be cleaning your windows even up to several times per day. At least taking a look very often, and cleaning them as needed.If you have a more traditional office building, however, your schedule can depend more on the weather and routine maintenance. We offer plans to come out each month for many of our clients, though some preferred once per quarter.No matter what situation you are in always keep your eye open for windows that need cleaning. If it is something simple you might be able to do the job yourself, but for weathered windows it will take a more industrial product that only a professional window cleaning company can provide. Lastly, consider the type of building you have. If you are boxed in by other buildings, your windows may face less weather-related issues and look pretty good for a longer time. Conversely, if you are in an open field or have no “wind blocking” buildings or […]

Glass House owners should not throw stones

You’ve all heard the old saying “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones “. In our experience as a window cleaning company in Chicago, we’ve seen our share of this in action. You see, all of our clients are commercial, meaning they either have office workers coming in every day, or customers to walk in off the street each day. Before these people even get inside the building they can see the way that you maintain your “house”, that is your business environment. What kind of impression are you giving off? We hope it’s a great one. But often we see people not maintaining their buildings in the way that they should. Like all of us, these business owners or facility managers understand the value of appearance. They wouldn’t buy a car that looked bad, a house that didn’t have a great curb appeal or even clothes secondhand that are obviously worn. So why give that impression to your employees and customers? If you call us at Innovative Window Cleaning, we can come up with a routine maintenance plan for your building that will leave your windows looking great all year round. We can set up a schedule so that you won’t even have to think about calling us the next time time passes by or seasons change. So think about it. Image is everything in today’s society. When you can plan ahead for something as routine as window cleaning, why not go for it? Check one more item off of the “to-do” list […]

From Chicago to the Suburbs

From Chicago’s Skyline with the Willis Tower and the John Hancock to the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates to the many schools and warehouses that line the streets of the city and suburbs, there are many businesses that provide for the community and the world. And with each business there is a sense of pride for all the work that moves through daily. Not only for the specifics of the business, but for the actual workplace. From the landscape to the parking lot to the roof. Well, to make it a place that is comfortable is to keep up with these things. To plant a pretty lilac bush or to fix the potholes this winter has created means that you care as a business owner. Innovative Window Cleaning is a professional window washing company that will add to the upkeep of your company as well. Specializing in: Commercial Buildings, large or small, multi-story or single level Schools & Educational Institutions including college campuses Race Tracks, Event Centers, and Venues Hotels and Motels Warehouses and Office Buildings Apartment Complexes and Condominium Associations Courthouses, Police Stations, Fire Departments, City Offices and more! Put us on your list for this spring to make your glass sparkle and shine. Contact us for a great deal on a package that will suit your needs.

Window Cleaning Interrupting Your Work Day?

If you own a business and count on your employees to be productive each day, you know how distracting it can be when maintenance, window cleaning, or even cleaning crews shuffle through during the day and thought out your building and premises. Though we can not help you in all those areas, we care about the professionalism with which we do our job at Innovative Window Cleaning. Our employees have been trained to respect your workplace and employees and understand all of the safety guidelines and stringent regulations. Our long-term goal is to make a beautiful space for your team to work in, inside and out, without being noticed at all. In fact, if you speak to us ahead of time about your window cleaning needs, we can even plan specific hours in which we can do our job with his little distraction as possible. In today’s business, every little bit of productivity helps. If we can save your team a combined several hours of focus, we consider it a job well done! If you need crystal clear windows, pick up the phone and call us today.

The Benefits of Window Cleaning

Why do high-rise office windows need to be cleaned? No one enjoys wearing glasses that are dirty because they are unable to see clearly. The same is true for windows in office buildings. A dirty office window makes it difficult for employees to work effectively. Each time employees glance through the window, they focus on the dirt and grime, not the scene outdoors. Studies show that every fifteen minutes office workers need to take their eyes away from their computer screens and focus on a distant object to avoid work-related injuries. A dirty office window hampers this effort. Cleaner windows also result in better energy efficiency and lower overhead costs. A clean window allows in more natural light. Quite simply, employees use less electricity when they can see properly. Luckily, Innovative Window Cleaning offers fast, cost-effective window cleaning for a variety of different office window configurations in all types of high-rise buildings. Our employees are trained to clean your corporation windows in the safest way possible to perfection, being careful to follow all local building safety code requirements. When they arrive, our window cleaners will inspect the building site, confirm the price, and advise you exactly how they plan to execute the job, and answer any questions you might have to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please contact us for a free estimate.