Use Clean Windows to Combat Cabin Fever

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One of the most import uses for windows in your office building isn’t the image they convey to outside observers – it’s what they can do for your employees inside. Simply put, windows allow us to see the world outside. Cooped up in the office all day long, it’s very important we realize that we aren’t literally rats trapped in a maze – it just can feel like it sometimes. That’s why you must make sure that the hallways and offices of your company that will house the most employees have windows, whenever possible. Some examples include the lunchroom; large office rooms; auditoriums; break rooms; and the reception desk area where employees enter and exit the building. Even more secluded areas definitely need windows. If you’ll be shooting a lot of videos – or taking a lot of pictures – as part of your business, make sure the room where the media is created has windows. Videographers and photographs can make excellent use of the natural light from windows to make every project look more life-like and pleasant. You can’t have windows everywhere (and you certainly may want to rethink having windows in your research or laboratory office), and it may not be appropriate to have windows in bathrooms. That’s why you should use window space strategically. You can use windows as a way to differentiate positions of power in a certain floor of the building. Everyone will know to take the digital marketing director seriously since she’s got the best office on the floor – […]

Cracking the Office Windows: Nature’s Air Conditioning

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Summer is upon us in the Chicagoland area and the rest of the country. With it comes clear skies, swimming pools, and – to winter lovers’ dismay – scorching summer temperatures. Most experience the summer heat and humidity through the outside world and on vacations, but if you’re in an old building – or air conditioning is too expensive to pipe through the entire office – you’ll be affected by summer temperatures inside as well. Here are some of the rooms at your office or business that may get the hottest this summer: The lunchroom – Anytime large swaths of employees gather in one place, the collective body heat will surely affect the room’s temperature. Add to that yet another summer day flirting with 100 degree Fahrenheit weather, and workers’ microwaved TV dinners won’t be the only things that are piping hot. Laboratories – If you work at an engineering company or work for a government agency that conducts original research, it’s likely that these rooms – or even entire floors – will be hot to begin with before even considering the scorching summer sun. The top floors – Anyone who has spent time in an attic during the summer knows that heat rises in buildings, and your place of work is no exception. Luckily, you can always crack open the windows in those rooms or floors. The air flow may not completely relieve the hot internal temperatures, but the fresh, cooler air that pipes in will be a literal “breath of fresh air” for your […]

Residential Chicago Window Cleaning – Can You Really Do It Yourself?

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Innovative Window Cleaning focuses only on commercial window cleaning in the Chicago area. We realize this limits our reach, but we think it’s best for you and for us to be very focused and clear upfront.But we can’t deny that residential window cleaning affects every homeowner in the Chicago area, and we know we will get calls and questions on the topic.So from time to time we may blog about residential window cleaning topics as a service to our readers. Plus, we know every business owner also has a home to worry about, so this is our guidance for them as well.The main question we hear is, “Should I do my on window cleaning at home?“In most cases, our answer is yes. If you take good advice and use the proper tools, you can often do a great job at home on your own.There are always exceptions, the first and most important of which, is when you consider how many stories your home is. If you have a two-story home, or even a multilevel dwelling that requires you use a ladder to clean the windows, contracting out is something you need to seriously consider.Another variable is accessibility to windows. Do you have trees in the way? Landscaping to avoid? If so, it may be much easier to pay someone else to do it instead of trying to do it yourself.When you try to clean your own house windows yourself, give it some time. You may not do a great job the first time, leaving streaks or […]

Window Cleaning for Healthcare Buildings

At Innovative Window Cleaning we know that all buildings are not the same. Sure, our job might be a similar task each time, but there are things to consider depending on the type of building and what’s happening inside of the building. A  good example of this is buildings for healthcare, doctors offices, dentist offices, and hospitals. When we clean these healthcare-related buildings, we realize that people are being cared for inside. That is why we will talk to your facility manager to figure out the best time to do our work. We want to do everything we can to avoid being a distraction or a bother to your staff and patients.We also are very aware of the sanitary requirements when doing these jobs. Typically we are on the outside, so it may not be an issue. But we will definitely talk to your representatives to ensure we understand the entire situation.As far as process, healthcare buildings are usually very similar to any other office buildings today. Doctors offices and dentist offices can be in the strip mall or shared office space with other types of businesses. It’s no sweat at for us all to take care of their window cleaning needs.Hospitals, however, are a different story. Since Obamacare was passed a few years ago, many health systems and hospitals are now combining or merging. And there are many new hospital buildings being erected in the Chicago area. Many of these buildings have beautiful, hotel-like design that improves the quality of care and environment for its […]

Men at Lunch on a Hi-Rise

Remember this famous photo of the workmen having lunch? The one sitting on the beam in the New York City skyline? Of course you do! It’s a classic photo by Charles C. Ebbets and has a storied reputation. The workers were atop the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center during its construction, with no safety harnesses, obviously a dangerous job. It makes us wonder what other dangerous jobs are. So we did some digging and below are the top 10 most dangerous jobs according to Time Magazine (in descending order; bottom is most dangerous). Construction Laborers Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Managers Drivers, Sales Workers and Truck Drivers Electrical Power Line Installers and Repairers Refuse, Recyclable Material Collectors Structural Iron and Steel Workers Roofers Pilots, Flight Engineers Fishers, Fishing Workers Loggers We can’t believe hi-rise window cleaning isn’t  on the list. Obviously they haven’t seen this episode of Dirty Jobs. Or the list maker forgot about us. Or maybe we and our colleagues are doing well with workplace safety and it’s no longer considered dangerous. Maybe we should be on the scariest list, instead! Now back to the famous photo. Did you know there is an entire documentary on the men in the picture? It’s available on Netflix and here’s a link to the Internet Movie Database for more information. We think it’s something any history buff would love!

Professional Window Cleaning for Property Managers

Commercial window cleaning and hi-rise window cleaning can also help extend the life and beauty of your building. Our team of professional window cleaners work with property managers to build maintenance schedules that meet your needs and budget. We can structure a window cleaning quote as a capital improvement or operating expense, because we believe it can serve both purposes. Our clients include recognizable names in the Chicago area, but also small businesses. No matter the way, shape, or form, we want to work with Chicago’s reputable property managers. Our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is also very important to us. We offer references upon request. Let us be your window cleaning company: office window cleaners, hi-rise window cleaners and multi-story window cleaning company. So no matter how tall or how short your building is, Innovative Window Cleaning is clearly the right choice. And don’t forget that we at Innovative Window Cleaning specialize in all different types of commercial buildings. We can clean windows for multi-story office buildings, historic churches, large buildings in the City of Chicago including skyscrapers, and more. No job is too big for our expert staff.