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What windows say about your restaurant

What are your restaurant’s windows, doors, and glass paneling telling your customers about your business? When you are running a thriving cafe, coffeehouse, fast food restaurant, or fine dining establishment, you may not have a ton of time to pay attention to the smallest details. After all, during the lunch hour rush in downtown Chicago’s financial district or a Saturday night in a Chicagoland suburb, you are probably most focused on ensuring your kitchen is running efficiently and your servers are friendly and professional. Over time, however, ignoring details such as the glass facades of your restaurant can cost your business thousands of lost customers each year.

Restaurant Window CleaningHere are three things your windows are saying about your restaurant:

  1. This is how clean my kitchen is.

Even though the smudges on the glass doors of your cafe do not actually reflect the quality of your food or cleanliness of your kitchen, these first impressions matter! Subconsciously, passersby and potential patrons draw conclusions about your sanitation habits based on the outer appearance of your facility. Think about it this way—you would never seat guests at a table covered in crumbs or sauce, right? You should think about your glass panels and doors in the same way.

  1. This is how much you can trust me.

When customers can’t trust your eatery to pay attention to the small details of your facility, how can they trust you with the big things like the quality of your food and service? One pet peeve shared among managers and owners of casual dining and fast food restaurants is a lack of attention to details such as overflowing trash cans, empty napkin dispensers, and a lack of uniformity in the positioning of tables. These details matter to more casual eating establishments because they portray a certain amount of professionalism to customers…and dirty glass falls into the category of small details which matter!

  1. This is how dated my brand is.

Fine Dining Restaurant Window Cleaning ChicagoIn trend setting cities like Chicago, restaurant patrons are always on the lookout for new, fashionable dining options. Even if your food joint has been around for decades, it may be brand new to someone who has just moved to the city, switched their job to a new part of town, or traveled to Greater Chicago on their latest vacation. However, if your paint is peeling, your sign has faded colors, and your windows are caked in dust, no one will be fooled into thinking your restaurant is worth their time.

If you have realized your glass windows, doors, and panels need to be cleaned on a more regular basis, we would love to visit your establishment to provide a free price estimate. We work hard to ensure our clients have a great experience by employing only experienced, certified window cleaners and never requiring clients to be locked into a long term contract. Send us a message or give us a call at 888-535-1440 for a quote today.

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