Window Cleaning at Conference Centers

How to land more reservations at your conference center With over 250 conference spaces, convention centers, and meeting venues in the Greater Chicago area, you may feel overwhelmed by trying to make your conference center stand out from the crowd. However, we believe you should invest in your meeting spaces because they offer some of the largest revenue opportunities for your venue. When you host a convention, you not only earn revenue on the booking fee—you also have the potential to process thousands of payments from the guests who need to purchase meals, book hotel rooms, plan vacations, and use transportation to see major nearby attractions. Here are some of our top tips to consider while you work to improve your conference center: Be ready to host a diverse array of events. In 2017, the International Association of Venue Managers published some trends which have been changing the landscape of convention centers. One of the most important trends they identified was the shift from events which only need one projection screen and meeting room to conferences requiring dozens of rooms for breakout meetings, vendor exhibition halls, interactive displays and demo areas, cooking demonstrations, live music and art presentations, and more. Event planners are trying to keep up with the growing challenges of keeping attendees engaged, so it is important for your venue to offer diverse engagement opportunities. You can anticipate these conference needs by building appropriate accommodations into your venue. If your venue lacks smaller rooms which could be used for breakout sessions, consider adding some […]

How to make your sports venue look even more impressive

Sports venues like stadiums and arenas are no longer just for sports events—a great facilities manager knows you are not making the most of your venue if you fail to fill in the gaps between games with concerts, festivals, charity events, and other community gatherings. However, there is a lot of competition in the event venue space! Here are four ways you can ensure your sports facility stands out above conference centers, hotels, and trendy downtown skyscrapers in the Greater Chicago area: Update your technology. One of the first checklist items for every event planner is Wi-Fi…and they do not just want to know if you offer Wi-Fi—they want to know that the Wi-Fi will have a great signal if everyone in the stadium is trying to connect at the same time. You may need to bring in a technician from your chosen internet provider to get their opinion on how many hubs you need in your facility to keep the internet working properly for everyone. The biggest sports venues are also offering free apps which guests can download to improve their experience. Charlotte Jensen-Murphy, the Senior Vice President of Sports & Entertainment for ABM Industries, says that many of her facilities have apps which allow guests to reserve and pay for parking ahead of time, and then provide directions for the guests to find their parking space before and after the game. Guests can even access turn by turn directions to get from their parking spot to their stadium seats so they don’t have to […]

What business owners look for in an office space

When you own or manage an office building, you want to make sure your space is attractive to a wide variety of business owners so you can attract and retain renters. In the Greater Chicago area, the office building space is very competitive because there are hundreds of available facilities for companies to lease. Here are some of the most common factors entrepreneurs consider when choosing their office space. Convenience The first element an entrepreneur will notice about your office building is its location, especially if he or she is a small business owner. Most corporate executives prefer to minimize their travel time because commuting takes time away from their work. Potential renters will want to know: Is this office near my home? Is the office convenient for my employees and clients to reach? What are the traffic patterns surrounding the building? Are there convenient coffee shops, restaurants, and office supply stores I can reach if I am in a hurry? Is there a gym, recreation center, or shopping center I can easily visit while after work while I wait for rush hour traffic to die down? Be sure to emphasize the convenience of your office building in your marketing materials, and especially on your website. You can even create a custom Google Map to embed on your website with ‘pins’ on nearby businesses which may be beneficial to your renters. Functional Space Business owners also need to know your office space will work well for their daily operations. Some of the questions they will ask […]

How to improve the exterior appearance of your office building

At Innovative Window Cleaning, our priority is ensuring the aesthetics of your building look incredible. While we specialize in providing a streak free shine to your windows, there are plenty of other factors to consider as you create an impressive look for renters and visitors of your office building. Here are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind: Window Options Although most commercial building owners primarily consider the energy efficiency and functionality of their windows, it is important to remember that windows also contribute to (or diminish) the overall appearance of your property. Some of the most common window options include: Hung sliding windows — These allow your tenants to open and close the windows so they can choose to enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the city throughout the day. Tilt turn — These windows also open, and may be more practical for your business, as they are easier to clean and reduce the risk of breaking and entering after hours. Horizontal ribbon — These windows create a blended, cohesive feel for the outside of your building. Even if each office is separately rented by different organizations, your building can look like it holds just one or only a few large companies. Other non operating windows — These do not open, and they come in several designs to suit the personality of your building. Outdoor Lighting Similarly to window treatments, many property managers and owners simply consider the functionality of outdoor lighting without thinking about the appearance. The housing and design […]