Professional Window Cleaning in the Windy City

With Innovative Window Cleaning, you will be proud to know we are accident free to date. Window Cleaning is not an easy task and should be taken seriously especially in the Windy City! With the weather quickly changing and the winds that pick up over Lake Michigan, conditions can be dangerous. Our trained professionals can handle the rigorous weather conditions. After this crazy winter your windows are a mess! Your average handyman may say that he can do windows, but if you want to know for sure, don’t just call anyone, call Innovative Window Cleaning for your: Building types: Skyscrapers High Rise Low Rise Commercial Retail Retirement Homes Hotels Office Stadiums Race Tracks Municipal Buildings Innovative Window Cleaning Services Include: Interior and Exterior Post Construction Stain Removal Aerial Lift Boom Scaffold and Stage Work Caulking Call 888-535-1440 for a free estimate or click here to fill out our window cleaning contact form.

A New Year and New Perspective On Window Cleaning in Chicago

It can sometimes be a dirty and risk job, but we take the risk to ensure your windows are cleaning no matter how high the challenge is. We are professionals that are used to dangers, but our satisfaction comes from ensuring that your building shines and maintains a healthy environmentally safe workplace. Impressions are most important and your building should be clean and all of your windows should be clear and cleaned properly. We work with facilities and building managers to get the job done right. Chicago has interesting challenges because our city has very temperamental weather and other environmental hazards that makes hi-rise building nasty and dirty. That’s where we come in and do the dirty work for you. From Chicago download loop hi-rise buildings to medium size buildings to the far western and northwestern suburbs, we make your business shine. Your exterior windows are cleaned with only the highest grade materials and we are compliant with off the standards required in our industry. We have a reputation for providing impeccable window cleaning services in Chicago. We have been training by the experts and strive to make a difference in window cleaning services. We keep up with the latest technology to best service you and your company. For more information, please review at our window cleaning services.

Professional Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago, Illinois

We clean architectural glass used for structural, lighting, or decorative purposes. Exterior window cleaning is the process of cleaning a building’s exterior windows, including the restoration of good hygiene or removal of litter or dirt. Not to be confused with interior cleaning, exterior cleaning draws on aspects of environmental care, architecture preservation, and psychological well-being, in addition to traditional cleaning. Innovative Window Cleaning seeks to provide innovative and cost effective window cleaning solutions for your high rise and commercial window cleaning needs. Our window cleaning services cover a wide variety of areas. All employees and crew members abide by OSHA laws. Building types: Skyscrapers High Rise Low Rise Commercial Retail Retirement Homes Hotels Office Stadiums Race Tracks Municipal Buildings Services Include: Interior and Exterior Post Construction Stain Removal Aerial Lift Boom Scaffold and Stage Work Caulking Our highly trained and experienced personnel are conditioned to service all of our customers with honesty and integrity in a safe, efficient systemized approach. Customer service is our number one priority! Call 888-535-1440 for a free estimate or click here to fill out our window cleaning contact form.

Tempered Glass Information

FABRICATION DEBRIS Definition: Fabrication debris is, as the name implies, material that should not be present on glass before it enters or travels thru the tempering furnace. It is made up mostly of glass fines but can include other debris such as insulation particles that have not been properly washed off the glass or cleaned from the furnace rollers. This debris will fuse to the glass surface during the tempering process and create a defective surface that window cleaners and others can dislodge and move across the glass surface in the process of properly cleaning the window. Razor blade before and after use on poor quality tempered glass Fabrication debris magnified Window Cleaning Industry It is well known by window cleaners that razor blades and glass scrapers alone will not scratch uncoated glass when properly used; the use of such tools has been the industry standard for decades. Razor blades and scrapers have been employed by not just the window cleaning industry, but are also widely used throughout the glass industry. In recent years, as a result of contaminated or defective surfaces on some tempered and heat-strengthened glass, window cleaners have been exposed to new challenges and unforeseen liability in window cleaning. When standard window cleaning techniques are employed to clean the contaminated or defective surfaces on poor quality tempered or heat strengthened glass, scratching of the glass surface can and very often does result. Quality Control in the Glass Industry Regular annealed glass is tempered or heat strengthened through a specific heating process in order […]

The Benefits of Window Cleaning

Why do high-rise office windows need to be cleaned? No one enjoys wearing glasses that are dirty because they are unable to see clearly. The same is true for windows in office buildings. A dirty office window makes it difficult for employees to work effectively. Each time employees glance through the window, they focus on the dirt and grime, not the scene outdoors. Studies show that every fifteen minutes office workers need to take their eyes away from their computer screens and focus on a distant object to avoid work-related injuries. A dirty office window hampers this effort. Cleaner windows also result in better energy efficiency and lower overhead costs. A clean window allows in more natural light. Quite simply, employees use less electricity when they can see properly. Luckily, Innovative Window Cleaning offers fast, cost-effective window cleaning for a variety of different office window configurations in all types of high-rise buildings. Our employees are trained to clean your corporation windows in the safest way possible to perfection, being careful to follow all local building safety code requirements. When they arrive, our window cleaners will inspect the building site, confirm the price, and advise you exactly how they plan to execute the job, and answer any questions you might have to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Campus Window Cleaning

Clean windows are an important part of campus maintenance and are something best taken care of during summer vacation when school is out of session and the amount of people using academic buildings and dormitories are greatly reduced. Despite the overall positive impression a well maintained building presents, the state of windows can directly affect a student’s performance. Clean windows allow light to pass through keeping students in a good mood by alleviating depression as well as creating a warm, positive environment. Dirty windows can be distracting and many find working in a dirty, unkempt atmosphere next to impossible. Maintaining windows also affects the life of the glass itself. Overtime glass is permeated by salt, acid rain, and hard minerals. Washing windows, even just once or twice a year, can help extend the life of the glass. Simply put it’s an issue where prevention is cheaper than a cure. Window cleaning is definitely a task best handled by professionals like those at Innovative Window Cleaning. Not only will professionals be able to safely clean glass, removing hard water stains that may have built up, they also physically inspect windows as they work to check for loose screens, cracks, or breakdown of window mechanics. Keeping clean windows is more important than often realized. Putting it off can be dangerous while simply maintaining glass can extend its life as well as keep students happy and productive. Don’t let windows get so dirty that you forget what’s on the other side. Go on, let some sunlight in.

A Sunny Outlook

Patient Outlook Sparkling medical facilities are often expected by patients and by visitors too. Whether a patient visits a hospital or a doctor’s office, clean windows are symbolic with well-maintained facilities. A sunny outlook toward a medical facility’s condition could provide a certain degree of comfort, while grimy windows may cause a patient to question whether future visits are likely to occur. Working Conditions Clean windows are important for the employees of a medical center too. Employees may become sick from germs or dust that builds up on a medical center’s interior windows. It’s also important to focus on exterior window cleaning. Clear windows might enable sunlight to fill certain working areas. Sunlight could contribute toward lower energy costs too. Window Cleaning Professionals Hire a window cleaning professional to provide health-based solutions for a medical facility. Innovative Window Cleaning utilizes the safest products for a variety of tasks. Known throughout the Chicago area as a leading firm in the commercial cleaning industry, Innovative Window Cleaning offers detail-oriented services for medical facilities. Window Cleaning Services

A Room With A View

While on vacation this season, all of us want a room with a view. No matter where we are, being able to look out the window of a beautiful hotel or resort can get the day off to a great start or bring a great day to a close. Watching the sun rise or the stars come out at night, clean windows are a must for any hotel or resort owner. In the Chicago area, the best choice for all your commercial window cleaning needs is Innovative Window Cleaning. Innovative specializes in cleaning windows, not being distracted by offering other services. As a result, its reputation is unparalleled within Chicago, guaranteeing satisfaction to customers while offering reliable and friendly service at reasonable prices. Safety for both customers and employees is a premium for Innovative, and it shows in who they hire and the work they do. While many companies hire the latest person off the street or sub-contract out their work to people of unknown backgrounds, Innovative only hires the best window cleaners. Conducting background checks, training workers in the latest safety techniques and putting a premium on experience guarantees clients get only the best workers cleaning their windows. When guests come to a hotel or resort, they want only the best in accommodations and service, and that includes sparkling clean windows that look almost invisible. Using Innovative for your window cleaning needs will guarantee guests coming back year after year to the room with the best view in town.