3 Ways Windows Can Boost Employee Performance

3 ways windows can boost employee performance

When you work in an industry which requires staff to work indoors all day, you may start to notice your employees trying to leave work earlier as Chicago’s weather finally starts to warm up. This becomes especially true for companies which need their team to stay behind computers and desks for hours at a time. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can make your workplace feel less constricting, just by taking advantage of windows! Here are three ways you can use windows to boost morale and productivity in your office space:

#1: Make crowded space feel more open.Window Washing Services

Where do your employees tend to congregate and take up the most space in your building? Generally areas such as break rooms, lunch cafeterias, board and meeting rooms, and front lobbies attract a higher density of staff and clients than other areas of your office. Adding windows to the walls of these spaces can instantly make them feel larger and more airy. Windows can also make the occupants of these rooms feel like they have more elbow room and personal space.

If you have a board room or break area which is located in the center of a building where you can’t add windows to the outside, consider adding windows which open them up to adjoining rooms. You can even use mirrors to create an illusion of more space if traditional windows aren’t appropriate.

#2: Let the outdoors come in.Professional  Corporate Office Window Cleaning

During the spring, fall, and even cooler summer days, you may want to allow your staff to crack the windows open! Cracking the windows allows a natural breeze to enter the room, along with comforting sounds of birds and pedestrians outside the building. As a bonus, you may be able to save on the cost of air conditioning.

Even on days when it’s too hot or cold to leave windows open, just the sight of the outdoors can improve your team’s mental state. Researchers have found people enter a calmer, clearer state of mind when taking walks outside. This is especially true in more natural areas, such as grassy parks or spaces with lots of trees. Even though your staff may not be able to actually work outside, they can enjoy some of the same benefits by entering the outdoor mindset with open windows.

#3: Make sure your team feels awake!

You’ve probably heard about scientific studies which demonstrate how natural light and sunshine can contribute to a healthy sleep cycle and ability to wake up easily in the morning. Did you know natural light has also been shown to improve workplace productivity? Part of the reason this works is simply because of the way sunlight naturally affects your brain and helps you feel awake.

There are more long term effects natural light can have on your employees too. Regular exposure to natural light throughout the day impacts your circadian rhythm, so ensuring your workplace has plenty of windows can help your employees get better sleep and feel more well rested before the start of each work day.

Even if your workplace has plenty of windows to achieve these productivity benefits, a big factor in their effectiveness is how clean you keep the glass. Dirt, insects, spider webs, air pollutants, and even the wrong window cleaning products can take away from the illusion of openness and natural space in your office. Contact Innovative Window Cleaning in Chicago for a free estimate and information about our services!

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