6 reasons to start a career with Innovative Window Cleaning

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window cleaning jobsMany of our team members joke about the bystanders who watch them as they work, with a look on their face that can be described as a mixture of awe and fear. A common comment we hear from people is, “You could not pay me enough to do what you do!” Usually this statement follows the person watching our crew dangle hundreds of feet off the ground while cleaning the glass of a downtown Chicago high rise. But there are plenty of benefits to working for Innovative Window Cleaning.

The Pay: For one thing, our employees do make a good living, especially considering that we do not require a GED, high school diploma, or further education as a job prerequisite. Although many people believe window washing is an easy and effortless task, we appreciate the challenging work and required skills our staff members develop over years of experience.

The Future: Because of the skills required, window cleaners enjoy long term job security. Window washing is challenging work, as you have to know which tools are appropriate on diverse building types, how to set up and use each piece of equipment properly, how to work in various weather conditions, and how to keep your team safe throughout each job. Many individuals are not cut out to be window cleaners, so there will always be a demand for great employees.

 The Work Environment: Our team loves getting to work outside every day. The Chicagoland region is one of the few parts of the country where we experience all four seasons in full, and our window cleaners get to enjoy the fresh air, lively sounds, and beauty of the outdoors instead of being stuck behind a desk all day.

window cleaning careersThe Adventure: The work itself is pretty thrilling and incredible, especially when you are high up in the air. One window cleaner from Colorado described the experience as “more like rock climbing, not just dangling from a rope”. If you enjoy activities like zip lining and rappelling, window washing is the ideal career.

The Puzzle: The work is unpredictable, always changing, and offers enjoyable challenges. One day, you may be cleaning a one level office building in a Chicago suburb with fixed windows and open landscaping; the next, you may be sitting in a Bosun’s chair, hanging from the top of a downtown skyscraper surrounded by trees; and the next, you may be on a scaffold washing the curved glass of a sports stadium.

The Lifestyle: One requirement to working as a window cleaner is staying physically fit. Although window washers do not have to lift heavy cargo or operate giant machinery all day, the job is very active and can be strenuous, depending on the assignments of the day. Our team appreciates the physical demands of the job, as they encourage everyone to keep up with their health. Some would even consider window cleaning as a workout in itself!

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to work for Innovative Window Cleaning, please check out our 2018 career opportunities. You can also give us a call at 888-535-1440 if you have additional questions about the job.

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