Use Clean Windows to Combat Cabin Fever

windows cleaning debris

One of the most import uses for windows in your office building isn’t the image they convey to outside observers – it’s what they can do for your employees inside.

Simply put, windows allow us to see the world outside. Cooped up in the office all day long, it’s very important we realize that we aren’t literally rats trapped in a maze – it just can feel like it sometimes.

That’s why you must make sure that the hallways and offices of your company that will house the most employees have windows, whenever possible. Some examples include the lunchroom; large office rooms; auditoriums; break rooms; and the reception desk area where employees enter and exit the building.

Even more secluded areas definitely need windows. If you’ll be shooting a lot of videos – or taking a lot of pictures – as part of your business, make sure the room where the media is created has windows. Videographers and photographs can make excellent use of the natural light from windows to make every project look more life-like and pleasant.

You can’t have windows everywhere (and you certainly may want to rethink having windows in your research or laboratory office), and it may not be appropriate to have windows in bathrooms. That’s why you should use window space strategically. You can use windows as a way to differentiate positions of power in a certain floor of the building. Everyone will know to take the digital marketing director seriously since she’s got the best office on the floor – the corner office with wall-sized windows all around it.

That glimpse into the outside world offered by windows is an opportunity to boost morale for your employees. If they are happy at work – and feel as though they aren’t trapped, but in-fact surrounded by nature – they will be more productive, happy and motivated to show up to work everyday.

Because windows are such an important aspect of your company’s culture and your employees’ welfare, make sure your windows are as clean as possible. Contact us today for more information on our professional window cleaning services.


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