Residential Chicago Window Cleaning – Can You Really Do It Yourself?

Innovative Safe Window Cleaning

residential-window-cleaning-chicagoInnovative Window Cleaning focuses only on commercial window cleaning in the Chicago area. We realize this limits our reach, but we think it’s best for you and for us to be very focused and clear upfront.

But we can’t deny that residential window cleaning affects every homeowner in the Chicago area, and we know we will get calls and questions on the topic.

So from time to time we may blog about residential window cleaning topics as a service to our readers. Plus, we know every business owner also has a home to worry about, so this is our guidance for them as well.

The main question we hear is, “Should I do my on window cleaning at home?

In most cases, our answer is yes. If you take good advice and use the proper tools, you can often do a great job at home on your own.

There are always exceptions, the first and most important of which, is when you consider how many stories your home is. If you have a two-story home, or even a multilevel dwelling that requires you use a ladder to clean the windows, contracting out is something you need to seriously consider.

Another variable is accessibility to windows. Do you have trees in the way? Landscaping to avoid? If so, it may be much easier to pay someone else to do it instead of trying to do it yourself.

When you try to clean your own house windows yourself, give it some time. You may not do a great job the first time, leaving streaks or suds behind, but after a few times we think you’ll be up to the task. Good luck in your do-it-yourself attempts!

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