Window Cleaning Interrupting Your Work Day?

If you own a business and count on your employees to be productive each day, you know how distracting it can be when maintenance, window cleaning, or even cleaning crews shuffle through during the day and thought out your building and premises.

Though we can not help you in all those areas, we care about the professionalism with which we do our job at Innovative Window Cleaning. Our employees have been trained to respect your workplace and employees and understand all of the safety guidelines and stringent regulations. Our long-term goal is to make a beautiful space for your team to work in, inside and out, without being noticed at all.

In fact, if you speak to us ahead of time about your window cleaning needs, we can even plan specific hours in which we can do our job with his little distraction as possible.

In today’s business, every little bit of productivity helps. If we can save your team a combined several hours of focus, we consider it a job well done!

If you need crystal clear windows, pick up the phone and call us today.

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